Why do people vote Blood Drive on KOTH?

A lot of people still remember it as a good map from previous games, mostly GoW2.

Though me, personally, sometimes the choice between two other trash maps means I’ll take Blooddrive.

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Despite corner camping i still feel it’s an enjoyable map for koth

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It’s a short map which means more kills because you don’t have to travel a far distance…I don’t see many players capping rings I see more getting kills and kills…I usually have 10+ caps and a few breaks

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It’s a great Map, indoor and outdoor.
Except for the first Ring though.

I think it’s just a popular map in general. Seems like it often gets voted for no matter the mode. It was also really popular for horde (even for the non-speed runs).

Blood Drive is just a campfest mess.

Spawns are terrible and all people do is sit high up / in the windows and rifle down - fair bough it’s a strategy but gets boring after a while - especially as a solo player when you are against stacked teams.


Because the map is awesome!

It’s an OG and it’s relatively better than other KOTH maps in terms of crossing,

The spawning system is atrocious, but it’s bad on every other map too.

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It’s a map that everyone’s way too used to and comfortable with. As soon as most players see that map, they jump on it like flies on ■■■■ instead trying other maps. Pretty cowardly in my opinion.

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I’m not a huge fan of it either (despite being nostalgic for Gears 2) but tbh I prefer it for KOTH over other modes - Guardian with both leaders hiding in the spawns is such a pain…

I went 5-0 in TDM.

So easy to sit around spawn with a nice continues supply of nades and HB / Boltok

I actually dont mind it in Koth, what gets on my nerves is when it gets voted for in TDM. Such a campfest

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Honestly, I just think BD is a terrible map and shouldn’t be voted for in ANY mode.

If I had to chose 1 mode though, it would be KotH…KotH is the “most tolerable” IMO.
It can still seem campy…but at least the camping rotates

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It’s a great TDM and Guardian map but total trash for KOTH. Lancer city. Same goes for Gridlock, which is the all-time worst KOTH map. I’ve never made it through a KOTH on Grid without people teabagging, quitting, raging, etc. It’s bloody awful.

Chaps, what makes it bad, is that people still do camp and lancer on KOTH in Blood Drive. It just poisons any chance of having fun in KOTH. I think lancering totally has it’s place in most modes, but what makes KOTH fun is the pace and flow. Once you interrupt that with people sitting in balconies and obstructing the flow of action with lancer work, the whole thing becomes a big, unpleasant chore.

And. to the lancer warriors out there who want to challenge that, tell me why no one has asked for a “King Of The Lancer” event, EVER. It just stagnates the fun in that particular game mode.

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This exactly. The worst thing is, the people on your team who vote for it, have no idea how to win on it and either quit or get demolished.

Not sure if you’re agreeing, but this is why I hate it on anything other than KOTH - everyone just camps!

If I remember correctly, in Judgment, they added another route out of the spawn… I feel like that was actually an improvement as it made it harder to camp. Shame they reverted back to the original…

Because I like it.

I think you’re wrong there, how to win it.

But made it through winning?
All part of the struggle.