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Why do people think Epic Games will help

Are you guys misinformed or are you stupid?. Genuine question what about modern day Epic games makes you think they would do any better than TC?Considering Fortnite was a failure until the BR came out and was free to play.


People just want a return to a fun and simple game, Gears 2 & 3 are the best and are still debated on which did better.

Epic games leaving gears of war behind was kinda the reason they screwed up and also the issue that started up their band wagon for BR, its like Epic games didn’t think their game was good even though they had passion for it.


Truth. + Chinese buy out.

Epic is a tech company first and foremost. They’ve never been confident with their own games. By their own testiment and by Cliffy B - Gears was a fluke as was Fortinte.

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I believe Save The World was made by People Can Fly studios, the same idiots responsible for GoWJ. Epic created the BR that everyone loves. They have a proven record of good games Gears 1-3 and Fortnite. It sucks that Tencent bought so much of Epic games after GoW3, but I understand where people are coming from when they say Epic can save this game. Gears 3 is still one of my favorite games

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nail on the head. /thread

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But the modern day epic games has never even touched a gears game except for judgement.

TC used to be literally all the major old epic employees

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You don’t give that studio enough credit, they’re very talented and GoWJ was good from the campaign and overrun perspective
I’d even say the visuals are way more appealing than those of any gears games past it


Pretty obvious why. They think it because the game was in it’s glory days under Epic. Not everyone follows the track history of game developers so they associate Epic with Gears as well as success. While I agree that Epic is not the answer, your attitude about it is cringe. Any time you need to start a thread by calling people stupid, know that you’re probably about to say something stupid yourself.

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Totally agree. Judgement is a sleeper from a campaign perspective. Plus, it had Sofia. So, best looking Gears game ever from that perspective too. :grin:


they made Bullet Storm too


and Painkiller, one of the greatest FPS games ever.

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" Faster than a bullet, terrifying scream, enraged and full of anger, he’s half man and half machine "

Oops, wrong Painkiller, game was fantastic too.


I’ve never really played it and never plan on playing it ever. Everyone plays it saying its such an amazing game yet when I watched gameplay of it it was just battle royale
game. I don’t know but all I do know is that people from all ages play the game.My friends dad told me that at work many of the older dudes that are in their mid to late forties play the game on their phones and get mad whenever you interrupt them. In their world FORTNITE=GOOD SOCIETY.

I love the direction they’ve taken Gears 5, many things I’ve been asking for over the years they’ve finally addressed. I think 5 easily surpases all the other gears games . This is a unique universe with many characters with complex stories and they should all be and play differently and TC finally laid the groundwork for that. I always thought it was stupid having everyone play the same and just switching skins around but now the characters are being fleshed out.

There is still a lot of work to do but they have started an amazing base on which to build future gears games on, a base that is more fitting for today’s gaming environment where people expect more from their games and not just the laziness of switching skins around.

Gears is now far more complicated to work on I’d imagine which is why I cut them slack on things like lack of maps. They really need to work on balance and some of the card loadouts are horrible but right now they are still creating this new iteration of Gears so that will come in time. Once they have their base model functioning it will probably be easier to adjust these other things.

I expect Gears of War 6 to be a simply amazing game.

Honestly I couldn’t be more happy with what TC has done with the franchise and i’m actually excited to play it again. Playing 4 was kinda blah cause it was so similar to 3 which was fine for the time but actually pretty bland itself. Now it’s like there is a whole new world of Gears to explore and I’m loving the detail of it. I love grabbing cole and running around hitting stuff or taking lizzie out and freezing bosses or Kait who is an absolute beast or my Cog Gear who is probably the greatest character in horde…I have been playing this game every day since it came out and i’m still not bored with it. None of the other Gears games, except judgement, kept me this hooked.

Oh god, someone send him to the gulag please…
i beg of you.

I can’t stand reading overcomplicated texts about loving gears 5 and saying it’s the best.

Because saying the game is an EPIC failure sounds better than MICROSOFT failure!? :thinking:

I actually looked into this it was the money it took to make Gears 3. Looking forward to 4 it was cost vs reward and they sold it to MS (the birth of TC). They didnt take any chances but its good to see them boys still killin it in a different genre.