Why do people quit after losing one round in horde, or on the final chapter of escape?


I seriously don’t understand these people, why can’t they just stay and play out the match, especially on daily inconceivable???

So what if we got bad RNG and we had boomshot scions mixed with a wakaatu and carrier, can’t people just stay and try again for better boss RNG? It’s exceedingly rare that after a lost round all the fortifications are destroyed so it’s not like the engineer is too poor to fix them. Why do people feel like restarting from the beginning is a better use of their time than just finishing the match?

We die as the door is closing on escape…it’s evident we can make it to the end, and yet people leave and want to restart it from the beginning? Just stay and try again…


Because it’s Random Thing, he doesn’t know you & you don’t know him.

Not many People are willing to play a Gambling with less than a 100% of Winning.

Strange people go to Strange. You can’t Change it, but when you realize your Other Teammates are Stupid, I won’t waste my Time to Try their “Creative” way to finish the Run.

I would rather Host my Lobby & go to a Smooth Run immediately.

Just to say Inconceivable is Easy, failed attempts on Inconceivable should think of their ways of playing whether they’re leveling their Classes (This is Fine) or Lv 20 playing like Trash (This is Unacceptable).

Classic Horde is another Thing, which that one without any Cards & Ultimate is just for Elite Players to play.

To shortly saying, Horde can be played smoothly without 5 players, but Escape…really depends on the Hive, which some of the Classes are dominant.

Can’t speak for Escape.

I’ll be honest I don’t even check if Savior is on during wipes, I just accept we were bested and start over from scratch. RNG can play a part in a wipe but its just second nature for me to quit as soon as it happens due to Masters. It’s almost demotivating having to get new bosses because you couldn’t kill your first preset.

I should work on staying but as someone who has most of the cards/classes they play maxed out, completion doesn’t really feel the same after a second attempt. It means alot more in Escape imo because that’s more difficult in some situations (solos)

TC has programmed its players to abandon their teammates at the first sign of difficulty thanks to the Survivor mutator. Look at @SH00BiE_D00 here, proudly proclaiming that he quits without any consideration at all after one defeat. Magnificent.


As a Gears of War player I couldn’t possibly begin to comprehend that word. If you’ll excuse me I need to use these locker of boomshots as a infiltrator. I don’t know why people keep meleeing at me.

On more of a serious reply…
I wasn’t aware it was that big of a deal. Mostly because I have witnessed it happen first hand plenty of times. I’m not actually in this situation often anyways, If I leave its because I was already putting up with other stuff i.e sentry, level3 barriers, ppl taking locker weps…

For the most part I DO stay long enough to see if Savior is on but if the group is already on life support and we get dropped on Wave 8 or something then I’ll just dip once the wave is failed. I have left FAR more groups when 2 people leave after they die during a boss wave than I have at the retry screen. Those people don’t even stay to see if the 3 man can clutch it up, and staying after 2 people leave isn’t always ideal.

I didn’t realize how much my first post made me seem like I quit RIGHT after the group wipes when that really isn’t true. Sorry, I jumped the gun there.

Off Topic :I remember Gears 3 that you don’t have Tags to put for Revive. You need to use your Money if you want to Revive once only.

So, how Bad Players currently have that they can able to Retry & Retry, who’s the Problem?

Players know they can’t Do well in Master, so they play Inconceivable, but with Survivor Mutator turning Off, it’s similar to Master Difficulty with "More Lethal & More Health ", which seems a contradiction.

I don’t understand why Players choose to have Survivor off in Horde. I basically know Turning Off “More Health” Modifier is the Easiest Way to Win in Inconceivable. The Fastest you Kill, the less chance to get Wiped.

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Because the game loves to pull nonsensical BS wipes out of its ■■■ on groups that were set up and not having any issues whatsoever(like you know, Swarmak spawn 15m away from your base, or Kestrel speeding straight over your base .5 seconds after spawning in with every other enemy on the map immediately also going for the base). And not allowing restarts is just bad design unless it’s completely optional regardless of the difficulty, which is how Gears 4 did it.

And some of us find it boring if it’s too easy but also not fun if the game throws a random artificial difficulty spike from ridiculous spawns or dumb AI behavior that shouldn’t be a thing, or straight up things not working as they should be.

They spend the Game nearly 60% of the Time just fixing the Bugs.

The System itself doesn’t change at all. I mean that’s what Class System bring the Disadvantage to us, which isn’t Balance at all. It requires Frequently Balance to fulfill the Master Difficulty itself, but TC takes Too Long for Each Balance.

How can you maintain your PvE players when there’re already not Much left at all. Some players have Ragequit due to the Game poorly designed with Tons of Bugs.

Because humans gonna human.


Generally I won’t quit unless I see something as hopeless.
Few Exceptions: I am being treated like ■■■■ or the host wants to promote his buddies against all odds.
You treat me like ■■■■ and I am gone, you value your buddies over success I’m gone.

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To answer the title question:

Because they are weak.

It’s as simple as that.

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Seriously. Just rerun the round and get through it. Fix the barriers, suck it up and let’s go.

I hate it even more when they quit even if we don’t lose the round. We’re winning and oops, Bye bye.


Not really! Master is still more difficult than Incon with only the Survivor mutator turned off. I have no idea what the scale is or how it’s calculated but each difficulty level increases overall difficulty over the previous level.

I tested this before the recent update. Playing solo 10 waves on Beginner, 10 waves on Intermediate with Survivor turned on and 10 waves on Experienced with Survivor and Execution rules turned on. The enemies were harder to kill and did more damage on Experienced than on Beginner, even though the mutators added no more health or damage.

I’ve also tested it over 50 waves solo on Beginner and Advanced and Advanced was way more difficult than Beginner, even though the mutators were not adding any more health or damage.

So each difficulty level increases overall difficulty in addition to whatever difficulties the mutators add.

So incon with surivor switched off is easier than Master regardless of whether you can restart if you wipe.


I know but just to tell that it’s slightly difference that not really Feel the Difficulty Change from Master to Inconceivable while turning More Health Off is a Significant decreased Level from Master to Inconceivable that makes me Feel like that.

Let say x 1.75 or x 2.0 that I don’t really think it’s a Huge Change when you have both More Lethal & More Health on Inconceivable & Master respectively.

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It’s really not that much of a difference, at least I’m not feeling it unless health is turned off.
I think it’s more like you need to do Inconc. to get the bonus and well everyone and their mom will go for it.

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We know Each Other well :wink:

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Brothers in arms haha

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I’ve experienced this mostly in horde

Not so much in escape…on inconceivable I usually have teammates that will give it at least 3 retries before leaving

Normally the low reup and low class dimwits that don’t belong in inconceivable escape quit right away

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I have asked myself this mystery which is the biggest mystery since the big bang, but because it is so complex we can only come up with theories.

After extensive years of thesis’s and hypotheses, I have come up with two likely theories.

1- The player has either thought their game has frozen because of the incredible slow load times, causing them to restart.

Or the more likely scenario which I believe to be true…

2- The player has had absolutely nothing to do with this and has been booted by the complex type 3 civilization omniscient advanced expert universe class AI which has created the heavens and runs perfectly.

Jokes aside though, most likely a lot of players probably leave or disconnect due to poor connectivity issues or glitches in the game where if they get down they, can’t move or use abilities. Has happened to me before especially with Gears 5 so now before i get angry or frustrated I always try to look at it from another point of view.

In horde we are forced to quit cause I only play with survivor enabled, I find it silly to put lethal or more health in place of that as it just makes the chances of you wiping so much great greater

I play incon frenzy most of the time and win most matches, I feel people that don’t enable survivor are noobs and I don’t want to play with them since they are expecting to die and thus need survivor disabled