Why do people pick low levels for elite+

Like, if it’s either escape or horde, especially escape, why are people choosing like level 4 or level 8 characters.
You can’t even use all 5 card slots until level 9, but yet you wanna bring down the team in an elite difficulty or higher match? Why? I just don’t get it. Is there something I’m missing here?


some people just want to get carried.


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They’re either clueless or are trying to get carried for more XP.

You are a god with Gifs man :joy:

The reasons of this:

  • someone wants to level up character quicker, this mainly experienced player that knows how to play and can outplay most of higher level characters,
  • as you guys said, someone want to be carried, just sits at base and mostly do nothing,
  • a fresh Gears player that does not know how menus works, this is kinda funny when you see a player lvl 1 no reup on Master horde on Pahanu lol. Playing lvl 1 Cole. OMG.


See this all the time and it frustrates me. I usually send them a message. They never reply.

People just want to get carried, and/or don’t understand what it takes to do higher difficulties.

Like a 2nd re-up Marcus coming into a Master horde. I always give it a few waves to see what they are like, but they always are under-levelled, and don’t understand the difficulty, they don’t even understand the mode.

You could have a level 18 Marcus at re-up 2, and could be a boss at it. But what are the chances?

Its a lot easier to be carried in Horde rather than Escape. In Horde, you could get away with one guy getting carried, depending on the map, you could have two people.

In Escape, especially on Insane+, its very difficult to get carried. Its possible, people have done Master on hives solo, but for your average player, its very difficult to get carried.

Why don’t more people pick low levels for elite +

  • You get more XP so you can level up faster.
  • You’re more likely to get blue or purple cards to level up your skills faster.
  • You can pick up a tri shot and be as effective as the less powerful characters when those characters are between their ultimates.
  • If you’re a halfway decent player then you’re less likely to run out of the base and get downed than the AI you replace
  • If you’re a halfway decent player you’re less likely to run in front of somebody trying to fire a boom shot and down them than the AI you replace
  • If you’ve been playing for a while and all your other characters are level 18 then you might still play better than a person who just got the game last week and finally got their Grace up to level 12 :laughing:

I level up my new guys in escape at inconcievable difficulty on the clock map and it’s never a problem. If somebody under level 9 joins as long as they aren’t a complete jerk I don’t worry about it and I still do alright.

I understand that sometimes low level guys joining can be detrimental and annoying but sometimes it’s not that terrible and TC really has pushed everyone to play higher difficulty. I think if you could get scrap from useless green cards then there are players that would stick with easy until Gears 6 came out .


Yeah, you can definitely carry others on The Clock Master, I just don’t like doing it. But, I’ve seen level 13 characters do really good in there.

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Yeah, the easier hives like The Clock and maybe The Choke can be done fairly easy with the right characters.

But for the most part it is difficult to carry others on, say Ice Queen or The Gauntlet.

simply because they want xp faster, but since the update, it is impossible to win cards without having won them before, today it is useless to play this way.

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using a tri shot is not a good answer, any people with lv 1 or 18 use this way today, i dont know if the next update will be like this but, almost all characters are broken, i see every day fahz, clayton, cole, lizzie lv 18 using trishots or boomshots cause their guns deal no dmg or not a good dmg.

Can only speak for Horde on this, but holy sh*t is this a huge issue on Insane - Master. So many non reup, level 3 characters trying to run effin’ Masters because that’s somehow a good idea to them.

You either stay in the lobby and inevitably watch them quit as the ■■■■■■■ JD by wave 2, or have constantly back out till you find a new lobby. Only to be thrown back into the same one over and over again, or into a new lobby that also has a level 3 player.

I’m sorry but the Horde team needs to take notes from the VS team and stop allowing these players into higher difficulty lobbies — at least for public! 10 out of 10 times they’re utterly useless and always end up quitting anyways. Off the top of my head: to play public insane, your selected character must be at least level 9 so you could have all 5 card slots unlocked. For master, selected character should be level 16 so you’ll have the final card unlocked.

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Doesn’t matter what level you are, I’ve been levelling up my Clayton in Elite matches and it’s an exercise in frustration with the crappy engineers that are level 15-18. I know I’m not a high dmg character, but give me a locker before wave 30 and I might actually be able to help you.

people just want to level up the characters

The name of the game is “Tri Shot Heros” for a reason. If TC wanted people to use anything other than Tri Shot then they’d have given those people ways to use those other weapons effectively.
Either that or they don’t play test or think or listen. I have a feeling that the next update will be like this. It’s a radical change to just rename a game from “Tri Shot Heros” to Gears 5 or whatever :laughing:

hey i liked the name “tri shots heroes” i think is perfect at all :smiley: