Why do people kill themselves at the beginning of horde matches?

It’s so annoying. Why do people do this?

In the hope that a Scout will pick up the dropped power with their bonus, having a bit more available in the Fabricator to start the match.


It really bothers you that much huh?


Of course it does.

Why? It doesn’t affect you in anyway so what’s the problem?

You are asking this question after 3 years of GOW4?


Yes, it does affect me. You start a horde match with 5, quickly people all quit with the slightest dislike, kill themselves like idiots, etc. You can have progressed some waves and then people just drop out messing the game up for everybody else in the match.

Dropping out and killing yourself is not the same issue.

If all four kill them selves and leave the power for the scout he picks it up then goes gets the fab and places where it should be. all spawn back up and you get extra power to spend for the engineer. very help to all engineers whether they have high or low cards.

This is the default for an season gears player. Very big in speed runs.


People quit because they either A) Use a bounty card and quit after they achieve it B) don’t like the map C) there is no one using a mic D) they find out the level of the player and they quit if they are low or don’t have the right cards. We can probably go through the whole alphabet why people quit. Those are literally the main ones.


It’s an easy power drop for scouts …don’t really see the problem

Or E) people refusing to change classes before the match starts and if they don’t change this makes people leave, I’ve personally dealt with this particular issue ALOT and it annoys the hell out of me.


There’s very little negative to this practice, I can’t imagine why you’re throwing a fit over it. It doesn’t even ruin the perfect run achievement and doesnt’ count as an official death if done before the fab gets dropped.

Bonus: You can instantly tell what card the Scout has and what level. Sometimes I’ve seen the 4 players kill themselves and the Scout deposits 5K, I usually bail at that point unless the Scout has told us he’s new and doesn’t have the card.

Some don’t feel like killing themself. Some know that it’s no major deal. It’s only slight Power and Engie should focus on defensive for mean time, while others kill majority. Instead of Engie building one or two Sentries on 1st wave. It does count as official death since it counts on scoreboard. Some like to try a zero death wave 1 to 50 run and it looks good to prove survival.

I’m glad this is gone in Gears 5. No point in JD killing himself with GL either. He needs that power for himself for his perks.

If someone fails this trade suicide, the Heavy may start with very little Boomshot rounds rather than full amounts. Or no Boomshot.

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Thats what im interested in… i feel its gonna be a whole other issue… people willl HORDE ( Pun intended) all their power and not share with the fabricator for the group goal of advancing… Thus in my opinion people quitting and leaving matches because they dont feel like people can balance their power enough to also benefit the team…

Who needs to spend Power from Fabricator anyway? People need to spend on their Damage Perks in Gears 5 Horde.

But Gears 4, Sniper might use them for Radar Ping. Heavy, Soldier and any other may save for Team Revive.

True— but what about barricades and turrents? stuff you need for protection and large boss damage? THat stuff cost power that doesnt come cheap…

Scout deposits most of this anyway from Gears 4 Horde.

Gears 5 streams have shown that you don’t need Engineer or Fortifications.

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but the engineer will be always there since no dups so he needs to do something besides send decoys

If you’re talking about Gears 5 Horde, then there could be Offense, Scout, Support, Tank, Sniper. And there wouldn’t be Del as Engineer in that combination. Or Kat.

This question made me laugh. Not a Horder, eh?