Why do people join gow posts on xbox then back out? why even say your interested?

Hey guys its me again NonZeroSum G and im playing rn so if anyone needs a player hmu, but anyway now id like to address the problem with the looking for groups on xbox and people saying they’re interested then when i start the matchmaking they back out… i make it very clear that im playing quickplay classic elimination so why do people join just to leave?.. I get excited because i get to play with someone but they bounce and when i ask why they left i get no response… is it because i dont invite them to party chat?? i dont get it honestly… whats the point of joining… was wondering if i could get some opinions and feed back on the situation. thank you all god bless you and i hope you all have beautiful weekends . :love_you_gesture:

Some people don’t like to read.

I used to join posts that say “mic optional” and get kicked for not plugging it in


Ive gone threw the same thing and thats why i make it very clear in my posts whats happening, but it rarely ever works out. i try to be friendly and supporting but… nothing ever comes of it :man_shrugging:

People are obsessed with this.
I get party invites from random all the time, I never join

As for LFG i don’t even bother, my friend use to do them for GoW 4 and legit everyone who joined was a kid :sweat_smile:


It’s always older guys whenever I joined LFGs lol.

I cant ever recall running into little kids.

Must depend on the posters GT



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I was probably that kid :tired_face:

If it is anything like Trueachievement sessions then they most likely didn’t look at the start time.

Ugh. People…


Tbh I like spamming you with party invites

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laughs in sandwich

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Hello stranger

I have commitment issues. That’s why bub!

You always invite me after my bedtime.

Leon needs his Kanye rest

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Lol :joy:

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