Why do people assume gnasher is only good pvp weapon?

why is people automatically assume if you not using gnasher in pvp you is new at pvp. Winning requires people whi is can pint shoot and hit they target too. Is call civer fire. Watch 3 minutes of esports and you will know this.

Not sure where you’re getting your assumptions but the majority of PVP players find gnasher-oriented gameplay to be more FUN. Gears is pretty much based around it with the cover mechanics , the way the maps are set up, etc.
The reason not a lot of people like to hang back and lancer is that Gears kinda sucks in that regard. Most people who want to shoot a rifle from mid-range are playing COD, Battlefield, or any number of other games that excel at that kind of gameplay.

Honestly, it also depends a lot on the gameplay mode you’re doing. TDM is largely a wall bouncing gnasher fest. Always has been and always will be. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve done enough of it myself that I have few problems with it.

KOTH, however, is where other weapons also get their chance to shine. Sure, there’s still a lot of Gnashers involved but the Lancer becomes a good weapon to flush people out of the circle as well as to engage in suppressing fire. (There’s also the whole smoke grenade-Lancer Chainsaw combo which, given that we’re on our 4th iteration of KOTH, should not work as well as it does but…) Other longer-range weapons such as the sniper rifle also shine in this area.

So, if you don’t want to play Gnashers all the time, just don’t play deathmatch modes (Obviously 2v2 Gnashers also qualifies but that’s a mode that I find painfully boring.) and play modes that are more objective-based.

Alternatively, for Gears 5, there is always Arcade mode. It isn’t a ranked mode but it’s still fun and isn’t a Gnasher-based mode.

I’m not sure who told you this but there’s like context being left out here lol. Every game I join people are doing a bit of everything mostly.

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Mostly because rifles are generally underpowered, and the majority of them were taken out of loadout options. Some people can’t handle more than one strategy being viable, made a noise about it and tc listened.

You see, when someone just posts up in a position and lancers to their hearts content, it’s annoying.

Running around with a shotgun and blowing people to bits is what a good majority call fun.

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I is get talked down to all the time and not make fun of my english. I is only juat start learn it. If you is want make fun of how i speak try learn my language first.

I mean i not critisise people who use cqc but i is like to use big guns like retro, claw lancer and stuff. But whenever i is fo that and some dummy doesnt know enough to stay out of my saw or forgets i have one and gets cut i get bashed. Is not like i was going aroung bot walking eith it. I just find lits of gnasher players run in point black so i is roll back and pull saw and they feel need to tell me “You is a noob. Only idots use lancer. Proffesionals only ever use gnashers.” Like have they ever watches esports tournament lancers can be deadly and i is take gnasher people at distance head on because they think they can run through me and ignore their red. Is nkt my fault they never once tried to stop and think maybe she put enough distance so i cant reach her in time

Thats why I plus a team of squad of 3 beat a master and his crew with our lancers in a 3 round koh match.

OP don’t listen to this guy. The reason they call you a noob is to feel big about themselves because the don’t know how to lancer effectively to get the win.

Keep lancering them down.

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Thanks. I is really good at high kick guns i has been known crpss map with retro on allfathers

Well the lancer is completely nerfed into the ground. I find it more annoying now than ever because half the time I down someone it takes so many damn bullets they’re usually close to cover…then they crawl away or someone picks them up…and it also takes like 5 more bullets to actually get your kill when they’re down.

It’s more annoying using it than it’s worth. I’ll use it to get gears points in ranked, but i no longer try to actually use it to down or kill. I don’t know who’s bright idea it was to nerf the lancer like this.

I’ll usually use the snub atleast it has its accuracy.

I never made fun of your English. I don’t even know how you would think that but maybe it’s because you say it’s not your first language. I was explaining WHY people prefer the lancer in Gears.


You don’t seem to understand either. I explained why people prefer gnasher play, I made no comment about the OP’s skill. Try reading again, without a chip on your shoulder this time.
I know very well how effective the lancer is and I have a reputation for it. I get “cheater” messages all the time. Less so now because I find lancering less challenging so I mostly stick to gnasher now.

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All I did was tell him not to listen to you about why people like the gnasher. You said they like it because it’s fun to run around with a shotgun. You can do that in every FPS game to it is not exclusive to gears.

I told him that other people call him a noob for using his rifle because they don’t know how to use their rifle effectively in gears combat.

I replied specificlly to your post to let him know who to not listen to. Nothing personal towards you specifically just letting him know that your opinions and reasons you posted are flawed and he should play the way he prefers to be more effective for his team.

Gnasher is a trademark of the gears franchise.

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The gnasher is a secondary weapon. That’s why it has never been featured on the cover of any of the games. This is why when you load into a match you have a lancer in your hands. This is why when I shoot people with my lancer they run for cover. This is why diamond and master lobbies are lancer fire coming a at you from multiple angles.

The gnasher was never a trademark of gears of war. The players that use it exclusively are why people that start playing this game stop. Because all they see are shotguns everywhere that only work half the time they use it.

I have real life friends that play gears a lot that never touch PvP modes because it is a gnasher fest. The gnasher is not the only viable weapon.

I gave actual reasons why the gnasher is popular, such as cover mechanics, map designs, etc. You provided no real counter and took it the wrong way, probably because people harrass you for using the lancer. I know what that’s like, I get hate messages about lancer too. Mostly in Spanish.
You seem to be confusing campaign with the VS and, just based on the stuff you’re typing (which really makes no sense because you say it was never a trademark, yet you say PVP is a gnasher fest) I’m guessing this conversation is going nowhere so this will be my last post on this topic.

No i is get why gnasher is popular. I is not say pvp should be played withought gnasher main on you team. What i is say is i hate how people is bash me for crossing. Main point of lancer is do enough damage for gnasher people to get i. Clise and one shot. Honestly withough gnasher players crossing role wouldn’t be nearly qs important. Is exactpy why is bother me greatly when gnasher players “on my team” who i helped get kills start to is trash me.