Why do no KOTH randoms focus on actually capturing the hill?

I don’t know if I’ve just had a bad run of games, but suddenly the last two weeks every team I’ve played with is full of people that treat KOTH as if it’s unlimited respawn deathmatch rather than a team cooperation game.

I’ve played games that have lasted 30 minutes and 3 rounds and had team members with 1 or 2 caps at the end.

Yesterday I tried playing, first game everyone on my team quit (and my ranking went down?),

Second game, game start, all 4 team members ignored the ring and ran off the opposite direction, meaning the opposing team captured it unchallenged and got about 40 points on the board before anyone else tried to take it back. That game ended with me having more caps than literally my entire team combined, even though one guy on our team had about 50 kills in a game we got smashed in, so he was obviously good enough to be getting more than 1 cap.

Also half the time the ring will be captured…then the entire team will dally off on a wander looking for people to kill, leaving me to defend the ring against the entire other team.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing lately?

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Because it’s tough and when no one else is doing it, no one wants to be the guy that dies in a 1v4 (except me it seems). I used to play the objective no matter what. But, when randoms are scattered, the best thing I’ve found is to help them in their fights and hope they move to the hill once the other enemies are dead.

I think that is a fair point, and when theres 5 in there that is a better strategy, but I guess I more mean like I generally end up with 1st or 2nd most caps because I play the objective, but I can only get caps when the objective is clear. So logically, other team mates should also have more than 1 or 2 caps if I can get 11, if they focused on trying to win rather than bumping their kills and bumbling about the map.

Yea, I’m in the same boat so many times. You’ll drive yourself nuts trying to carry like that. Sometimes, you gotta go with the team, even if they don’t have the best strategy.

I always go for objective , I always (always) mark. I always rotate in time, even when I’m in a game with randoms, heaven forbid I even talk!!!
Pretty much I am the only, well maybe one of two doing these things. I find of all the Gears including J , that 4 and 5 seems to have the most clueless or selfish randoms. Obviously that is not everyone though.

On occasion for some reason I can’t or we can’t seem to get Hills or break them. I had a message a while back from someone telling (yelling) me CAP THE HILL!!! I simply said over game chat, that I was trying too…I really was.

Yea I had a guy berating us for being a ■■■■ team, and at the end of the game he was all oh it was 1 vs 5 you guys suck etc. etc. and yet I had way more caps and breaks than him, he just had loads of kills, which gave him top spot. It’s just like mate…just play team deathmatch.

People don’t use their heads when playing KOTH.

I see it all the time.

  1. Capturing “dead” hills…Hills with less than a couple seconds on them.

  2. Not rotating when it says “Next”, though realistically, you should try to rotate a little sooner than that so you can set up at the next hill. I always play stacks that do this, and then I get slaughtered having to fight a 1v3 at the next hill because my teammates are too busy capping a hill with 3 seconds left on it.

  3. Only using their shotguns and not using support fire to help their teammates. I’ve played so many games where randoms will finish with less than 10 elims in a KOTH.

  4. Attacking a hill alone against a full team and dying, thus putting their own team at a 4v5 disadvantage.

  5. Chasing enemies across the map away from the hill, instead of capturing or defending the hill.

And the list goes on and on.

I love KOTH, but holy crap are the players dumb.

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