Why do Marcus players not share Living Legend?

What am I missing?

This is a new behaviour in Op 4.


How do you mean? Do you mean they just run off somewhere else before activating it? Or they don’t equip Band Of Brothers to provide stim?

If the former, then it’s probably because they don’t want to share the kills cos they want it for themselves - the more rifle hits, ther more they can extend their ultimate.

If the latter, maybe they are running Last Ditch and want to be constantly within that health threshold to do more damage?

For example, they’ll kick you for taking cover next to them, not that I have been.

Or if you take cover next to them, they’ll get off cover and find another one or shoot while standing.


Probably because they want to nab all the kills just to keep their ultimate running for longer. It’s selfish for sure. I only play Horde with friends nowadays so havne’t seen this happen.


If they wanted all the kills for themselves, they are already going to get at least 30+ Ribbons for maximum XP.

Although if it was a Fahz who was thinking about taking cover, then that’s something else…

A Marcus could end the match with 60+ or 100+ Ribbons. It would be overkill.

My guess is that a large amount of OP4 Marcus players were previously pre-OP4 JD players.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Ive seen some marcus people share the ult but when we run out of thing’s to shoot, they go hunting. Then theres some where they only go hunting. Greedy ■■■■■■■■


Its because Marcus players are encouraged to run around and steal all the glory for themselves, if you let others utilize Living Legend it only hurts you because now you can’t have Living Legend on as long…

Easily one of the biggest disappointments this operation has been how annoying Marcus players have become, constantly running around stealing everyone’s kills, saying “skip” in the chat like they own the place, Marcus kinda became a more OP JD without anybody at TC noticing :roll_eyes:


There is the good and there is the bad.

Not all Marcus players do the same, I’ve seen Marcus players activate their ultimate it in Mini-boss and boss waves and share it with the whole team as well, and in the most times execute the enemies especially sires and guard the team against sentinels and/or guardians.

If one doesn’t like Marucs - typical like pre-OP4 - should set own lobby and do the math.

How many Marcus know that his Ultimates can be shared by others!? :thinking:
Because I have only known about it for 1 month… :neutral_face:

Some are just selfish and want to hog the kills, some don’t have rifle feedback levelled and worry that others getting kills will mean they wont be able to build their ultimate up for very long and a few do not know its possible to share living legend.

I was playing as paduk the other day with a marcus and we were grinding through everything, JD took a back seat along with kait.

I am going to dance a jig when he gets nerfed. They need to make him reload and shorten the duration. Funny you should make this topic because I’ve suffered toxic Marcus all day long.

I just had a game on overload speed run, Marcus demanded skip, fair enough. But I asked him as Baird if he would let me sit next to him once all the fences were up so I could skip and not have to repair. He said fine.

Once all the fences were up and lockers built he refused. He would move away if I or Fahz or Paduk went near him. Him and JD refused to deposit, so I refused to skip. If there weren’t other good people in the lobby I’d have moved the fabricator so they spawned behind him and let the fortifications die. Of course he got over 10m. Low skill @#£&.

Seriously they are 10x worse than JD ever was.

I am seeing a lot of “Speed Run” lobbies in masters. Without his ult he really isn’t much. They need to either make him reload again or put in a cap for how long he can keep it. Keeping it for 3 waves is broken.

Marcus is fine. Play without him if you don’t like him.

Remember when we wanted other viable heroes?



I’ve had a Marcus player tell my friend, a Fahz player, that he can’t use his ultimate :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Little did he know, my friend could careless about using Marcus ultimate as he can rip through enemies easily as Fahz. Majority of the time we host when playing Horde so Marcus players NEVER say that if they jump into our matches.

Thanks Gears 5 for having custom lobbies!

I like marcus, I’m not for or against it but maybe having his ult stop at the end of a wave would be a good compromise, it wouldn’t take that long to build it back up again in the next wave anyway.

Icy Precision Markza with Crit Parade, Exploit, Explosive and Ambush is the most broken and overpowered thing I’ve seen in the game… in Living Legend.

Longshot with Longshot Handling doesn’t even compare, lol.

Well I guess this is like everything, exemple I’m à main Marcus Player since op3 and I’m share it if the people want to, I guess this is just few toxic player who give a bad picture of it. Of course how i said I’m à main Marcus player so I dont used to play with other Marcus ^^

Yeah, I understand why they said it because Fahz would completely wipe everything, but I do respect all the Marcus players that just focus on winning, and not caring about who gets what kills.

marcus sucks overall.

They only good against those soft targets/boss, but totally useless against tough bosses.

Always see Marcus just keep shooting even anything fly into the base and kill everyone already, they just dont go out and revive others.

Marcus and Fahz together is waste of slot, they are both good at clean mobs, and better let a bleeder take one of those slot for the bosses.