Why do i need a twitter

Skins should NEVER be attached to Twitter. It’s already a damn shame that they are attached to the stream to begin with and I shouldn’t need a stupid Twitter account on top of that.


What skins?

My thoughts exactly, but then again all it takes is a few minutes for an account I only use for gears events.

Esports skins. Right now at live.gearsofwar.com you can claim the phantom overkill. All you need to do is vote in a poll (1 question) and retweet anything gears related, hit reclaim button and that’s it.

Ah ok, thanks for the info :+1:

skin’s aren’t compulsory to claim, these skins are GEARS ESPORTs skins, of course it will be tied to streams or whatever. They’re simply not going to hand it out on a plate for you. Skins are given as a nice gesture for viewers for watching the stream.

If you think they should never be attached to stream, then they should not give out skins full stop.

If i click the retweet button, it says i retweeted it and lets me claim the skin even if i don’t log into twitter


That’s what I’ve been doin since the start. Not gonna make a twitter account for nothin

Actually retweeting the tweet was never necessary, because if they forced people to tweet it out then it would be clear violation of the twitter rules, I believe which is why they allow clicking the retweet button without actually retweeting.

If I’m reading this correctly, some of the quests involve sharing to Facebook as well, meaning you need a FB account to get some skins. I have one, I just don’t really want to share this esports stream because non of my friends care about it

Does it? Do you have a screenshot of this? Because never have I seen on all the streams that I been to that requires shareing stream on facebook. I don’t think they even use facebook for Gears eSports.


I checked this link because I’m knew to claiming these skins, last week was my first time andI didn’t know how to even find the polls and I saw the FB bit here. Not sure if they ever used it but it looks like it’s possible.

To date, they never used the facebook share as a quest. They tend to always use twitter. So I dont think you got to worry about sharing on facebook.

Well that’s good, still went and made a fake FB account just in case

The question should be… why are you bothered about a silly skin? Lol.

Indeed, and I reckon 8p% of the people dot use it anyway. So what’s the point I getting it in the first place.

I think that is a technical limitation. There is no way for them to know whether or not you actually retweeted it.

This is probably another factor, but its largely down to twitter rules since I read the other day, Twitter states:

Posting duplicate, or near duplicate, updates or links is a violation of the Twitter Rules and jeopardizes search quality. Please don’t set rules to encourage lots of duplicate update… Your contest or sweepstakes could cause people to be automatically filtered out of Twitter search. We recommend setting clear contest rules stating that multiple entries in a single day will not be accepted.

Yeah I just remember using the Twitter API a couple years ago and not being able to verify if a tweet is retweeted. So even if they wanted to, I don’t think they could.

But I don’t see how that Twitter quote is relevant to retweeting? I think they are referring to copying and pasting tweet messages, not retweeting.

I tried to sign up for Twitter last night.
Guess what?
Error in creating account…
Why even link to having Twitter account anyway?