Why do i keep getting this IBIRI error?

I have been playing and supporting gears of war for over 10 years so when i made the switch to pc from console i was ecstatic that gears also ran on windows. however everytime i try to play the game it causes my pc to completely freeze. after i finally get back on i got hit with this IBIRI error when i try to start matchmaking?!?!? i searched it like the error told me to do and barely anything came up except a few comments mentioning cheating. i have never cheated or glitched a game in my life and i would really like to get back to playing my favorite game of all time so if someone from this piece of ■■■■ studio could help me out that would be great

Hello, Can you post here a screenshot of the error you are getting?

Your account is not banned. Your Matchmaking status is Active.

Now after looking at your account, you have an excessively high volume of quits vs completed matches. Our recently tightened penalty system has flagged you as a rampant quitter of matches. This only happens through consistent Ranked Quits that negatively impacted the experience for a LOT of players.

i will take a screenshot the next time it happens. as for leaving games early it is not my fault. everytime i try to play a ranked match the game causes my pc to completely freeze so i then have to restart my entire pc, and it only happens on gears, every other game i play runs fine. i did some research last night and people have linked the cause of the freeze/crash to the GeForce drivers

Hello, I am also getting this message just after I updated Windows 10. Can you help me please?

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I keep getting this error too. I can’t join other players at the moment and ever since the recent June update I can’t even find matches. I was searching for a SOCIAL game for 20 minutes! I’m currently reinstalling the game right now, after constantly restarting my PC and resetting the app numerous times.

I get this error with Horde now all the time, if someone else is the squad leader (pub or private)

It kicks me out before I get in game or lets me in for a random amount of waves then kicks me saying that it “lost connection to the servers”.

If I’m the squad leader it never happens.

What is going on TC?

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