Why do i have to scroll all the way back to the top of a thread to see new threads or click on my notifications

Something has changed with the forums performance. I have to scroll to the very top of the thread im reading or replying to, before I can click on my notifications or go back to the list of threads page. This isnt a qol upgrade. Its a pain in my bum…please for the love of Marcus fix this.



I thought that I was the only one because no one else mentioned this issue


Yeah me too, website must be bugged or something

You guys are all phoneposters, aren’t you?


Yes, I like to post on mobile instead of PC

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Seems to work fine on console.

Can confirm this was introduced a couple weeks ago. Hasn’t been like it all the time (mobile only in my case).

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On my phone I just tap the Omen symbol in the top left hand corner and it will always take me back to the options to go to notifications, new threads, unread threads etc

No need to scroll back to the top


Edit: The video:

Problem is when the name of the topic dissappear, appears and dissapear again and you try to see your profile.

Also, I have a question about how you can strikethrought text here. I like to keep what I write, but the part of uploading the video has no sense now that I did it.

I think that I found how to trigger the problem, at least isn’t all the time, and I can only trigger trying to see my profile pic.

It’s a video, so first I have to upload to Youtube

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I thought it was an issue with my phone.

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Nope…apparently their are a lot of us that have been suffering in silence…its annoying. @TC_Kilo1062 can you give any insight on this problem or at least get it to the web admins attention. Thanks

Strange one, I’ll ask what’s going on, thank you!


I thought it was my phone lmao I always have to go back to the main forum to bring up my notifications, it doesn’t let me click it if I’m on a thread, well it lets me click it, but it keeps it on that thread, nothing else lol

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Hi. I have this issue on my mobile but not Kindle, very strange.

I have this issue on my PC and my phone and it’s kind of a bother.

Also, I was able to change the title of someone else’s post, is that normal?

BUMP until its fixed

Aaaand he’s banned. What in tarnation happened there?

@HerrKatzchen I was wondering the same thing. Dude got banned literally right after his post where he literally pointed out that he could edit someones post and should he be able to do it. He shouldnt have been able to do it. So not sure how that is his fault.

Actually it is an intended feature, once a forum member hits a certain trust level they can edit post titles, I asked the mods about this and they said it has to do with what the forum runs on, apparently they cant disable that feature so if someone abuses it they just get demoted.

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