Why do I get punished because my teammates don't know how to stay in a ranked match

I don’t doubt that someone has brought this up before, but anyways-

50% of the games I play in competitive have some sort of issue regarding players, either someone quits while we’re loading in and everyone has to stare at the pregame screen for a minute, (which hasn’t happened in a bit, they might have fixed it) I have to play against a fourstack of sweats with my team of randoms or, the most aggrivating thing to me, my teammates leave for no reason. I can’t express how lame it is that mid match someone leaves on my team and i have to helplessly throw myself at the enemy, just to lose and derank cuz there’s no forgiveness.

Why can’t the game just not give or take any points?

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You’re only the 1001 person to bring it up.


I think your missing a few Zeros.


Quitting is quitting what can u do. This game is frustrating as all hell some times. If it’s a lag fest why would u even want to deal with it.