Why do i find myself in lobbies with players i have blocked?

If im blocking players. There is obviously a huge issue with lag, i shouldnt be forced to play in such conditions,

If you block someone you can still find them in matchmaking.

It’d be obviously abused if you could avoid people in ranked matchmaking just by blocking them

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Because its Karma

Karma for what

I think it’s mostly just a communication block, and reduces the chances of being matched slightly, but doesn’t eliminate them.

I dont mind playing against players that are better than me or even loosing, what i do mind is having to put up with some one thst can shoot where i was previously standing that can kill me shooting thin air, or have there shot gun blast come from them while they are still running not aiming, i also cant handle shootimg some one point blank range in the face and all they do is grunt

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This game isn’t bad in terms of connection, and you shouldn’t have the expectation that you won’t get paired up with those you’ve blocked for obvious reason.


I just noticed, you’re the guy that thought this game was player hosted and were complaining about how laggy everything was .

You need a new connection. Never experienced anything even close to what you are talking about. Sure, it can feel like you should’ve gotten the gnasher shot off first sometimes (Like any other online game) but nothing even close to what you wrote in that post. If you really believe the game is half as broken as you believe, record your next “BS incident” and upload it here, because as of right now, it looks like you just need practice and the connection is your scapegoat.

I have 1gig up 1 gig diwn i live in seattle, i will start making videos of what im reffering to and post the link here

When you block someone the game tells you right there that you will not be matched up with them in multiplayer so whether its “abusing” or not xbox still says that

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So yet another case of false advertising with Microsoft

Either that or Gears is blatantly violating the xbox terms of service :grin:

On gears 3 on the back of the game case it says, “challenge your friends to fun and fair dedicated server play” after the game was out for 3 months they stopped the use of dedicated servers and the game went to sh*t, i went on thr forums and metioned how false advertising is illegal then i got banned from the forums, shortly after i tried contacting Microsoft legsl department and i talked to several different people bouncing from department to department with no straight answer from any one when i tolf thrm that false advertising is illegal, shortly after in about a week or 2 microsoft made every one sign a nee service agreement stating that Microsoft was not responsible for and of their sub companies actions, all this b.s. because no one eants to provide real dedicated servers for their games, im baffeled as to why they wont at least let thd players fund them, bug as of now they wont even consider it, and it jusg makes everything “all show, no go”

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Potential Class Action.

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