Why do horde players KILL themselves

I have played with players that kill themselves to have extra power weapons. Boom shot, drop shot, long shot.
they said they bought the game and play any way they want too. I told them that’s CHEATING. TC on the next gears find a way to penalize them. Some players don’t remember when playing demo you started with a GL lancer.

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How in the hell is that cheating? You gotta be trolling.

Let’s say you unintentionally die for example…you still spawn with the same weapons. And you can put them on the locker again.

What do you want players to do? Piss the engineer off by buying Longshots all day? Wait till certain enemies spawn so players can obtain the weapons that way?


I can see TC making a bonehead move and have players respawn with no weapons.


It’s not cheating; it’s using the game’s structure in an unintended way.

If it’s your lobby you can feel free to ban it, but if it bothered TC, they would have done something about it.

Really it’s no different from Gears 4’s easily abused practices, like putting out sentries facing the wrong way, letting them die, then having a Scout pick up all the energy. You could get to lvl.4 fortifications in like 15 waves that way.


Some people in the daily thread think that is how it should be to prevent this “behavior”.

Maybe if we didn’t need to pay with power for lockers(or all forts really), perks AND weapons(which are hideously expensive to buy several of in some cases, if you’re running a Frenzy), people would be less inclined to do so. But no one seemed to pick up on that when I mentioned having everything tied to the same currency being an issue. Especially for more perk dependant classes, and ones that require a locker on top(Pilot mostly).

And for the OP, it’s not cheating. You respawn with weapons, if people couldn’t kill themselves they’d just find an enemy to do it for them, or get downed with a frag in hand.


Tc really need to separate power from perks. Every wave you should be granted a certain amount of perk points you can use to upgrade their perks so that’s why people suicide because power cost everything and if their is a way to save power that you can use on your perks why not.

I somewhat disagree.

Like, the problem of selfish/ignorant players is there, sure. But the common currency provides interesting choices regarding setup and class. I dunno, I don’t really need them separated. I just need players who know what they’re doing in given situations and team comps.


-accusing people of cheating in PVE for taking advantage of how you can intentionaly kill yourself to get more ammo/weapons.

Every time I think I’ve seen it all, a new challenger arrives.


I don’t see the issue ?

You could could consider speed running cheating but it happens in 4 and 5 🤷

Funny and slightly related story:

That graphical glitch of your gun turning invisible after you go down? One time my brother saw me playing with an invisible Gnasher and here’s the conversation that ensued:

“Why don’t you have a gun?”
“It’s a bug. The gun just disappears but still works.”
“Doesn’t that bother you?”
“If it bothered me enough, I’d just kill myself.”

He did not know I meant “go buy a flame grenade, intentionally die, revive and fix the bug.” We cracked up and now the running joke in our house is that if something bothers me I’ll just go kill myself.


I recommend finding a group of friends that hate this strategy as much as you do.

Or…you can put it in your lobby title or something.


Feel like TC should just have ultra power drain as a default modifier which includes weapon and grenade cost and just have players spawn with nothing problem solved. Tc could make the game a lot harder but why would they bother to do that and make the task almost impossible to do.

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Ultra Power Drain currently only affects fortifications. Originally, Power Drain did affect weapon purchases but it was removed as a feature from the modifier when they changed it to a linear 50% cost increase, rather than adding more cost at a smaller % whenever a wave took longer than three minutes.

I know but it would be neat if it affect weapons too.

I don’t think so, unless they made every enemy type and especially Wardens spawn more consistently(as is, Wardens in Frenzy only ever spawn on the last 4 waves, outside of a miniboss spawn), so that you could get access to weapons. Except Boomshots, we got enough of those already.


Yes, I’ve always thought that this method of getting more weapons is dumb and I generally refuse to do it myself. But I ain’t gonna hassle anyone who does it (other than maybe laugh) because it IS just taking advantage of the in-game mechanics in an unintented way, not cheating.

IMO there are better things to complain about for PvE.


One thing I like to do is let a weakened Scion kill me and since it is unable to act when doing an execution and is weak, he can be killed easily, and I can get another weapon for someone like Pilot.

Yeah, I remember when it was most cost effective to ask other classes to buy barriers for you so you could then upgrade them. It was a weird game mechanic that encouraged communication, but considering how few of us talk in-game, it didn’t really work.

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