Why do hijacked enemies not explode sometimes when I've got the skill card on for it?

Title says all. Sometimes they explode sometimes they just walk around as normal.

Super annoying bug, happens around the same time servers are having issues early in each operation.

I noticed my zapper wasnt stunning enemies as quick either

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I swear this has happened late OP 7 sometimes too but it was rarer back then I think.

From a support ticket a filed over a year ago:


Apr 2, 2020, 7:04 PM PDT

I have found that Jack’s hijack no longer consistently makes the enemy explode if they survive at the end of the hijack. They will then explode once they are damaged enough to die later.

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I mean that’s nice and all but if I’m the last enemy remaining and I walk a cyclops over to my teammate so they can collect the energy, if they’re not quick on their toes, they’ll get chainsawed lol.


Just irritated that it still happens and has been an intermittent problem for well over a year now.


Back then they were still working on the game so it’s sucks it’s probably gonna be in the game forever now.

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There is a problem where when I don’t have Explosive Hijack on, and I cancel Hijack or let it run out, it sometimes just explodes the enemy to death.

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Yes i have a video clip and will upload it to the bugs thread. Zapping an enemy gives them time to shoot you and down you… It is extremely dangerous trying to do 1v1 with jack as you decloak and give them time to shoot before toyr zapper works.

@TC_Shauny @TC_MichaelAOS

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It is a odd lil bug but when they die by other players they do explode.


So sometimes it choose off as on and vice versa it seems (as far as explosive hijack is concerned"

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Haven’t experienced the enemy surviving after the hijack ends, but what I’ve seen a lot is that some enemies can kill you but the hijack explosion won’t go off. I think Cyro Scions and grapple kills by a Carrier/Matriarch all nullify the explosion going off, and sometimes it’s just down to inconsistency when dying to gunfire/melee.

On a side note, I would still like to know how much damage it actually does. Saying “explodes for 110% damage” doesn’t mean anything when I don’t know what the base value is, is it the hijacked enemy’s hp? Weapon damage? Zapper damage? Give me something! Most of the time it tickles enemies on higher difficulties and I only use the card to kill high value targets

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This tends to happen when I play at higher ping like 100+ or more, a bit like how Brawler plays worse at higher ping.

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Haha, while they are telling you that, maybe they can explain stim, while they are at it.

You know, the difference between 10HP stim and 10% stim and 10 stim, haha: some classes have different units of stim within the class, not even between classes…

No one ever, ever explained it. Yet stim was so important it was the main excuse given for messing up the damage indicator omen, lol…

10HP and 10 are the same. It’s literally just 10 hitpoints. Stim = health.
10% stim is 10% of your max stim capacity.
If you’re below max health you’re gonna get healed instead of gaining stim.
Base player health is around 1000, I think.

AFAIK max health in PvE is 1000, max stim is 500.

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Yeah, and what is a “hit point” ? Veteran gets “150 stim per second”, what does that mean?

150 " hit points per second" ?

See, we dont even know or agree on the basics. It is like some big secret which cannot be told, as nd it is just a core mechanic of the game.

They made multiple videos explaining in agonizing details the finer points of gnasher AIM in pvp, and can be bothered to explain stim in pve?

My theory: it is bugged, and if they dont explain how it is supposed to all work we cant point out the problems and inconsistency

10% stim is lost with a single shot of anything on Master. Same as 25% stim. Same as 12HP stim same as (fill in the blank). If you play on Master leveling up the card for stim, in the absense of other, damage reduction cards, gives you no extra benefit. And multiple weapons down you regardless of stim anyway (like torque and boom)…

Hit point. Health point. HP. Have you played any games before?


Lol, no, sorry, i just installed G5 on my brand new xbox, never played any shooter games before.

Thank you for being here to explain these things to us, lol…

Since you know all this, perhaps you can also explain why we have three different ways of representing stim in this game? I’ve been wondering about this since i installed the game 4 days ago…

Different people writing different things, causing inconsistencies, for one.
Also because there is a mathematical difference between gaining “20HP stim” and “20% stim”. You said you have a math degree or something, you should know this.
The former is a unit, the latter is a percentage of the maximum value for the unit.