Why do grenades have active reloads

I’m bamboozled

Also I had a daily to get 5 kills with grenades and noticed planted grenades don’t count towards the kills. Come on TC you can do better

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Obviously so they can be nukes like in gears 4


Pro tip: you can throw them.


That’s the Y button right?

↑ ↓ ↑ ↓ ← → → ← X Y X A X B at the title screen, then press RT with the grenades equipped.


You sure? I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before.

Yeah, started a custom horde game and planted the nades where they spawn, killed 5 imagos and juvies and quit. None of it counted started another custom and threw the grenades and then it counted.

Might have been a duff lobby though

Is that default control scheme or alt?

Default. If you attempt this with alt or tournament, it will uninstall your game.

I might change my control scheme to tournament if that’s the case

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Press RB to active reload Frag Grenade…

Press RB to active reload breaker mace…