Why do flash grenades GO THROUGH WALLS?

If you are in cover, you get fully flashed. If you are in the same cover, you won’t die from grenades, boom, drop, etc. (Opposite side of cover). The physics game make no sense. The light/ photons and concussive effect can travel through cover, yet a far more damaging and deadly concussion from explosives cannot. ??? Flashes are part of the game now, and I get it, but they are problematic for KOTH with enemies constantly respawing with a fresh flash. At the very least, PLEASE FIX THE FLASH THROUGH WALLS!!! PLEASE

One glaring example of a necessary fix is on training grounds. Someone in the middle at power weapon can flash you just throwing at base of wall when you are elevated above tucked behind cover, but an explosive does nothing. wtf?

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Have you gotten hit by incendiary grenades? They also can kill you if they hit the opposite cover. It’s ■■■■■■■ stupid.

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Because cover in a cover based shooter doesn’t matter.

The more you know :rainbow:


I was kinda surprised seeing that as well and I also disagree you shouldn’t be stunned or flashed if you’re in cover, I can see it making sense for incendiary grenades but not the flash grenades unforuntatly.

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You could be 200 feet underground surrounded by concrete and you’d still get flashed, flashbangs are severely annoying in every game mode. They’re a good idea that are implemented poorly.

The same way Carrier\Warden shockwaves destroy horde fortifications through walls.

Not true, I’ve been killed quite a few times by frags that landed in front of cover I was behind. They are inconsistent like everything else in the game.

ohhh, but a breaker mace hit can go through a full wall :slight_smile:

The thing defies gravity. use the RT attack when you’re on the bridge on Exhibit and it will pass through the air to the other side and kill players

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really??? Ohh, man, I need to try that now!!!

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I tried it and it worked. Oddly, I can never seem to get it to work when I swing it straight down bridge. The shockwave doesn’t seem to travel, only at the angle. Does hat happen to you?

I hae no idea why but it’s really annoying. I often wondered this too because I’d be behind cover and I’d get flashed randomly.