Why do Dels/Baird Ult ignore the Swarmak?

Never really noticed or tested this in Horde, but on GK neither Dels Tracker balls or Bairds DR1 target the Swarmark no matter how many times you mark him. I had Tracker balls hit his toes and not explode. Same with the DR1, no enemies besides the Swarmak around and he just stares into the distance.
And both Ults work wonders on other bosses if they actually get there/shoot at them. The DR1 can shred through Snatchers/Carriers in no time.

What gives?

Ive actually never noticed this. I can’t say for sure if the DR-1 has not not engaged the Swarmak when I deploy it but I have never noticed if it hasn’t. If I go into a game as Baird and a Swarmak shows up ill give it try.

Another annoying thing is the DR-1 seems to ignore enemies in favour of curb stomping a downed enemy. Its incredibly annoying lol.

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I’ve never seen that before. So far my DR1 either wrecked everything in his path or didn’t feel like it and just followed me around, maybe occassionally shooting at an enemy.
It’s really good at drawing fire away from you though.

Their ults not shooting the Swarmak probably isn’t that much of an issue in Horde since you have more resscoures available and more players around, but in Escape it handicaps you more than you already are as Baird/Del.

I don’t know if I am noticing nothing here or its an actual problem but everytime I take cover when the DR-1 is active it retreats behind me instead of enganging the swarm. Im finding the only way I can get it to anything is to stay out of cover and near the enemy.

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Interesting. Will pay attention to that.

I’m gonna be completely honest with you but I have never seen my DR-1 attack any other boss besides the carrier. Even if I did mark them.

I’ve had it shoot Snatchers, Carriers, flyers, Matriarchs(unreliably because it doesn’t target the back weakpoint properly), don’t recall if it did for Wardens as well.

Yeah mine has shot at the fliers and wardens but never snacher or Matriarch. The dumb azzzzz just stands there.

I killed the Snatcher on GK with my DR1 today. Mostly without help from what I noticed.
And in Horde he shoots at bosses most of the time as long as you keep marking them. Varying results of course.

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Mine must be a lazy ■■■■.

My experience of the Robotics Experts ultimate is that you have to be active and offensive for the robot to be that as well. Deploying it and running for cover or returning in to base usually makes it follow you. When it eventually goes on the offense it can be very helpful, as mentioned.

I know there used to be an issue with the Swarmak not being attacked but I thought is was fixed. Have not played the robotics expert in a while though. I might have to give it a go.

I agree Bairds DB is dumb af. They should really fix him to be more aggressiv and enemy focused. Surprisingly I don’t want to stand in the middle of the field during combat because otherwise my DB isn’t attacking. They should also name him Johnny.