Why didn't the locust ally the humans vs lambant?

Anybody know why they didn’t try?

From what I gather, Myrrah believed that humanity were inherently violent as a species. The Locust kept tabs on humanity prior to E-Day so they were well aware of the Pendulum Wars, so that obviously presented humans in a bad light.


Because they hated humans for the way they were treated when the sires were cast off to MT Kadur

wasn’t it because Myrrah said there was a time she would have actually communicated with the humans and make peace but because she knew humanity would one day use the locust for war purposes she had to fight the humans for control and freedom of her people?


Precisely. She did, and she was right.


As it concerns Myrrah, it is a combination of things. The most obvious being that she views humanity as inherently destructive and untrustworthy. If she teamed up with the humans, eventually they might betray the Locust.

Furthermore, if you listen to her, she has a very darwinist mindset: the strong live and the weak perish. She knows what the Locust are like, she doesn’t make excuses for their behavior, and she will do whatever it takes to make sure that they come out on top.

For the rank-and-file Locust, it doesn’t make much difference to them because all they care about is obeying their queen and tearing into whoever she points her finger at.

Someone like RAAM doesn’t follow any moral code or ponders the ethics of dealing with other species like Myrrah might. He doesn’t care about building an enlightened society or fighting humans because they’re wicked. He just wants to kill things.

Why he wants to kill humans in particular is because it is more satisfying to do so than against the Lambent. And so he and the rest of the Locust ultimately concurred with Myrrah’s reasoning to invade the surface both to fulfill her wishes and to satisfy their own sadistic desires.

In the comics, RAAM is always wishing his comrades and subordinates to “suffer a good death,” which tells us everything we need to know.

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Humans 100% would have turned on the Locust almost immediately and attempt to exterminate them completely.

Our species can barely tolerate each other there’s no way we’d tolerate the Locust for long


Many society’s have done then even guys I know who are in the military now even happen to do this from time to time.

The Vikings wished each other ”Til Valhalla”

The Spartans were always in search of a “Good Death”

Neither of the them were truly sadistic but more of just a warrior. In search of a warriors death.

I think RAAM viewed his troops the same way. They were warriors and deserved an honorable death if that was their demise.

They in essence did ally with the humans through Adam Fenix if you’ve read the lore. Adam was working on a solution for the lament but it was during the pendulum wars so his focus ended up being split between the war and hammer of dawn and the immulsion solution. If you read rise of raam the locust reached a point where they could not hold out against the lament anymore. They were over-run and had to make a choice. Raam convinces Myrrah to invade the surface as they have no time left. When they do sraak tries to kill raam but raam is brutally smart and sees it coming and kills sraak in the process. So long story short they did try to ally with the humans (sort of) but ran out of time and decided to take the surface by force. Hope that clears it up a little.

Which is exactly my point, though in the case of the Locust they take it even further. Beyond serving their Queen, the only thing that matters to a Drone is getting into a good scrap and making their foes suffer.

Part of RAAM’s rationale is that the Lambent aren’t enjoyable to kill because they’re little more than unfeeling beasts. Humans on the other hand can feel despair, which makes them more satisfying to kill. He gleefully admits this.

So as far as the drones are concerned, fighting the humans is both a survival strategy and helps alleviate boredom.