Why didnt 2 out of 3 koth ever come back?

Control is fun. But best of 3 koth was so much better. So much more juice invested in a match tied 1 to 1. Ive never undetstood this change. If you wanna leave the larger ring but do it best of 3 I could get behind that. The 1 match model is just not a ton of fun.in a competitive setting. I once played a best of 3 competitive koth match with randos against a stack. . We lost the first match withoutscoring a point. Got absolutely molested. Came back and won the next 2. 3rd match was an absolute barn burner. It was so fun. Ill always remember it(pours some out on the ground for that best of 3 with randoms).

People seemed to like Control alot more when they ran the event all those operations ago. I think TC was going for more of a hop in and play something fast kind of approach with this change. Koth matches would usually take like 30 minutes when it was 2 out of 3, control takes like 10-15 minutes at most.

I always preferred the “Blitz” rules when it comes to KOTH, one person having to stay in the hill to gain points makes the game more of a clusterf*ck which is way more fun. Hopefully in Gears 6 control is more of a Hardpoint type mode from Cod.