Why did you take the air back a out of the game

Just why ? I understand the move was a bit overpowered but to the point of nerfing it to oblivion ?

The game was already a coin flip gamble every time you get into a lobby, i don’t understand why you keep changing the core mechanics and how we’re supposed to play every season.

Movement of Operation 2 and the shooting system of operation 4 before the 3.6 gb patch ( one of the latest and also the update that make us having so many 99%)

The game feels too slow, Give to the players a way to surrender game in ranked instead of quitting the match so people dont waste their time waiting the other team to all leave.

I can tell this game had improvement over the season but it stills doesn’t feel right. I just made an idea of taking the best of what you gave us in term of gameplay during these seasons.

I love this game, but i’m on verge to quit it when i reach master. Please give to the hardcore fans the game we deserve i think its too late to gains new players.

Thanks for reading.


Can you post a video/reference of an “Air Back,A” because I don’t understand what you mean
Only Back,A I know about requires you to sit on cover or slide into cover.

As you slide into a corner you pull back and fire at the same time without hitting the cover .
Basically a wall cancel but fire as your mid slide

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Thats b.s cause anytime im high ping i run fast anytime i have low ping im slow an enemies are pushing constantly… Back A almost never works on high ping

Give to the hardcore fans by tuning versus right?

This is how the problem originated!!!
Oh my god! Ah ■■■■!!!
They ■■■■■■ my tomatoes up!

Please, when it comes to asking for the impossible or anything about hardcore fans, make sure to fully understand what you are asking and what you are representing so no initial complication is created.

Thank you and I agree with this post.

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People seem to think that move is for scrubs. I fail to see why. No person has ever described to me how that makes you a scrub. It’s just another move in the arsenal to me.

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not a fan of fast and unreadable gameplay. i want slow gameplay so i can make good decisions and outplay instead of going “this game is ■■■■”


You’ll be getting a slow game very shortly, which will be well suited to your needs of plenty of time to make a decision. A Gnasher duel will be like a game of chess.

“Hmmm…that didn’t work. Let’s try this. Hold on, moving in 3…2…1…”


:rofl:because thats what we all really want out of gears; a big game of chess with gnashers.


Fast movement, back A, up A, etc. are tools to catch corner campers and those holding strategic advantages off guard. Or to force them to make a move


I understand your point, but you have to admit an hardcore fans can be a PVP or PVE.
I’m talking only for the pvp players. I have played since the first gears franchise.

I wanted to make a point out of the casual zone, the game is dead there is no new players in PVP.
I just want a gears with a solid shooting system, but also a SOLID GNASHER ORIENTED gameplay.
A KOTH temporary game mode with Gnasher/Pistol/FlashSmoke only,

A gib range where you HAVE to be point blank to get the gib. and at the same time slightly reducing the damage in the two shot range, and nerf the three shot range so players are allowed to have more chance to outplay.

I’m not a professionnal gaming developer but THERE MUST BE a fair way to balance how the shotgun works and make the best players rewarded for using their shotgun smart. Bullet magnetism, aim assist, cover sliding speed, delay between time you can shoot and many other details needs to be revamped for the players that keep playing everyday. We understood your decision to implement different playstyle in versus, but now these casuals are onto others games.
And we are left with a game with no true identity.

For someone who asked me what air back a means there is an entitled video of Rise Avexys on his youtube, that talks about the back a mid slide.

I disagree with the one saying games needs to be slower. Have you played gears 3/4 ? I don’t do drugs but i can tell i’m on something when i play gears 5.

Everyday it’s either 99% in 1 hit (shotgun inconsistencies), ranked quitters, power weapons spammers, laggy players. You have to be mentally prepared when you launch gears 5,

If only i could put the mistake for a bad play on my part so i can learn from it (which i still do btw) and not blaming the game for his inconsistencies, it would sort of mean that the game is in good state to me, because there is still way too many bs happening.


Lol too true but it’s so tactical!!!

Nah it’s boring as hell

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