Why did you ruin the jd class

Jd does not need grenades. Sarah connors class had them. Give his class back the jncreased launcher capacity. Why do you do things that no one asked for… Just dont get it


any one notice Cole cannot do his tackle move anymore?


No he can. I still did it as Benjamin

Tried but couldn’t do the tackle

I’m not ascribing to the stance that JD is ruined before playing as him but it seems weird to give him launcher mastery/ Boomshot cards and take away his ammo.

There’s no reason he can’t have grenade AND launcher capacity skills. He used to have a card that gave both lol.

I do like more grenades/plants though. This just seems like a weird sacrifice for it.


What controls do you use? Maybe it’s just bugging out for you guys. I’m having no issues with it so far anyway

Ps4 gamepad as always… I hope its a bug to be fixed not a new way to play for Brawler =)

JD twice did nearly 2 million damage on a boss wave in my masters run on nexus. I don’t think he had any issues. Most JDs these days even pre nerf seem to go boom shot over GL.

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He can still dish out a lot of damage, but yeah, that launcher capacity to grenade satchel cracks me up, what a joke.
I just played Lift as “demolitions” and it’s definitely going to make me want more weapon lockers in return from now on.

So one can assume that future “JD’s” will demand 3-4 lockers?
Played a master 50 on River last night and our “JD” did beyond fine with one locker.


I wouldn’t be surprised. I did OK with one too, but we got tight in some instances, so the extra ammo would definitely help.

To add insult to injury, Fahz/Marksman and any other character who retains an ammo capacity perk can carry more ammo for explosive launchers than JD/Demolitions now (and Keegan/Tactician).

It’s just silly that the Marksman can carry more Boomshot or GL missiles than the actual Demolitions class!

JD was in a good place in Op 4. He had been nerfed, but was balanced from before and I had no issue with this. But right now, it feels like overkill.


Did you select the brawler class then cole? Cause you can just pick any character and that class and it works just like it did with cole. I was running and tackling enemies as Gabe Diaz in horde yesterday. Kinda fun being able to use it on anyone.

I had the same issue. Then I was told that you have to press A to run and keep holding it while pressing B to tackle. Some people claim it’s always been like this but I disagree. I did a solo run as Cole on the Labirynth right before the update and I never had to keep pressing A and B simultaneously for a tackle.
While running I would switch to B to tackle and it worked fine.
To me it looks like before the update Cole had to be running in order to tackle. If there was not enough space for his sprint he would start punching instead.
After the update it feels as if the distance no longer matters. As long as you are running and then press B at the same time, you will tackle.

Do you know if JD’s regen perk regens rockets for the GL? Certain characters who have ammo regen gets GL rockets back now, but I’m not sure if JD does.

In Op 4 definitely not. I haven’t personally tried in Op 5 but presume this is still the case. All of those ammo regeration perks only worked for standard ballistic weapons like pistols and rifles.

Not even Keegan’s Ammo Resupply with the Explosive Resupply card/perk works for GL missiles.

Also a friend noticed that the GL missiles no longer replenish when picking up red ammo boxes (Escape).

I think it’s clear that TC want to discourage GL spamming, but it seems disproportionate to nerf other explosive weapons by extension.

It is possible you were playing on a hive with Ammo Starvation as a modifier which makes it such that the small explosive(red) ammo boxes don’t give GL ammo and only one shot from the big ones.

I’m sure TC wants to discourage GL spamming, I’ll also believe JD doesn’t get back GL rockets with his regen perk as I think that was the case also earlier (I always tend to have a locker as JD so I haven’t actually extensively tried this).
I am however 100% certain there is at least one character that can regen GL rockets in OP5 with the regen perk.
For fear of TC patching it and breaking lots of stuff in the process I won’t mention who the character is, then they would have to test the game to find and patch it which we know they won’t do. But trust me, it’s possible in OP5, possibly was in OP4 also.
Edit: Clarification I mean there’s a character that can regen GL ammo who is not JD, it would make too much sense if JD could do it.

It does, but even at level 10 it’s at a hilariously slow rate so you shouldn’t even bother. You’re better off giving that money to an engineer and asking for a locker.

Yeah possibly, it was my gf who played that character with a GL so I have no real idea of the rate, but while she couldn’t carpetbomb she still had rockets to send off when it was needed. Lately we’ve been playing frenzy which means matchmaking, which 9/10 times means engineers don’t build lockers and consequently I don’t bother giving money to them.