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Why did you change everything?

Gears 5 has been a complete letdown. Everything in the MP is utterly broken. Let’s just ignore the fact that the “4 Days Early” launch was a complete failure. (How did you guys not foresee so many players taking advantage of the $1/$2 GPU promo??)

Why did you have to stray so far from Gears 4’s mp formula. It is overwhelmingly different in every aspect! Sure it had its flaws but it’s still miles better and more polished than 5. Gears 5 mp feels like a kid’s virtual toy game with horrible game mechanics.

First off, the connection. Pings are all over the place. Shots don’t register, opponents eat multiple point blanks, 83%-98% damage, lag, me dying to gnashes when in killcam I clearly see the shot missed me, etc…

Second, the weapon tuning. Lancer is definitely overpowered. Where is the stopping power? How is the mulcher useless? Flash grenades should be a pickup and then maybe make it last 1 second longer. Make the smokes have stunning power again. How can the salvo kill through complete cover (other side of wall)? The overkill is overpowered. Why did you ruin the gnasher by reducing its shot count? Why is the markza a 3-hit kill? How can the club kill 20 feet away while behind cover? Why does the shock grenade inflict damage?

Third, the movement and mechanics. Why does the Up-A only work 25% of the time? Most of the time, my shot never comes out. Why does it take longer to start running against the wall while in cover? Why does it take longer to regain control after rolling? Why does my character not stay in cover after aiming while in cover? It decides to just stay standing. Why can’t I interrupt a chainsaw revv? I shoot them but they still walk toward me…

Fourth, the maps and spawns. This has to be the worst batch of maps I’ve ever seen in any gears game. They totally imbalanced. They only tolerable maps are asylum Vasgar, and training grounds. And why did we only get 7? Didn’t Gears 4 launch with more? And why are most starting spawn points completely open? It’s really easy to trap the opponents. Exhibit is a disaster. It’s just so painful to play when the enemy has hill and spawn literally NEXT to it!

Finally, the micro transactions. It’s just ridiculous to expect your player base to grind for MONTHS playing game types and in styles they’d rather not, in order to receive lame skins and banners and a MEAGER 550 Iron. It’s like you just desperately want us to give in and buy some iron. Why are we not rewarded with any iron or scrap when completing or winning matches? WHY?! We get nothing except MAYBE some ToD stars and XP.

Honestly, this game has been a complete and utter disappointment. Please, FIX IT…I’m certainly going to be picking up CoD MW in October and if this game stays as atrocious as it is, I will most likely not be returning…Pains me to say it since I’ve played every gears game religiously.


I feel like so many things that should be fresh just stayed the same. And, stuff that could have, or should have, stayed the same changed against the interest of the players.


Your name seems familiar. I believe you are a koth player, a very good one.

I agree with you. This game is way too casual and lacking in every way. They went too far trying to change everything. It feels forced in my opinion.

It would have been much better if they simply fixed up Gears 4. A bit slower movement, different balancing, no more core/comp tuning, etc. That would have been perfect for vets and casuals.

No point in catering to people who won’t even stick longer than a kindergarten sticker. We, the ones who stuck through and through with the game like a piece of gum under a desk, got sold out badly. We got curb stomped by them and they took the curb stomp out of the game too lol


This is easily the worst batch of launch maps I’ve seen ever.


Could not agree with you more!

You hit my biggest complaints. The most being the pathetic map rotation and the ■■■■ weapon tuning.

I’ve been completely behind players with their back to me, only to have them gib me with a one show with the gnasher. It’s insane…

Gears was built around the shotty and the lancer and both weapons are broke AF right now.


Backpacking is back? Why does that get to come back and not the superman? I still miss the shot out of the run.


Upvote this a million times, this game is ■■■■ at the moment, way too geared for new players who will stop playing a week from now…


Remember in the Spring of 2017 when they took out checkout, clocktower and other maps from rotation. Every match was a map that you didn’t really like.

At that point is also when the hammerburst came back into the game.

Similar to how the maps are in Gears 5 right now and the rifle meta and damage.


110% agree👊🏻


1000% agreed


Maps are garbage camp with lancer fests. It’s horrible. And they’re UGLY.


Honestly think you’re looking for problems where there aren’t any. More than half the ■■■■ you’re ■■■■■■■■ about isn’t even actually true.

Enjoy the game or walk away man. Go back to gears 4 if it was so amazing.


I think we should all go back to gears 4 to prove a point.

I didn’t like the tech test, and didn’t like gears 5 either. #BOYCOTT!


Gears must have died a long time ago, Microsoft should start with new IPs instead of deforming the current ones like this or Halo. And the rest of games in the market that use the same micro transactions system I just pass them. They’re real cancer. Today marketing is a deadly weapon and those people sold who only repeat is the best Gears so far, they have trash instead of brain.

I fully agree with this! I feel like it’s all lancer based mostly and they’ve took the fun out of the gnasher gameplay! Feel like I’m playing call of duty!


My biggest issue is the movement. It doest feel smooth like in 4. I cant do half of what i did in 4. In 5: characters get stuck in cover, dont move, dont move enough, roll in front of a wall, etc etc.

Overall nothing feels consistent. Say what you will about 4’s consistency but at least it was fine most of the time and predictable. I was diamond 3 in koth in 4, now i dont even want to finish my ranking matches.


“We don’t know what we’re doing.”

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Seriously. The multiplayer at this point is unplayable. It’s not fun in the slightest. Insane damages. Super high ping players. It’s trash.


Im a diamond 3 in 4’s koth. And im scared to se3 what i am now in 5. I just cant get use to everything, especially the movement.
Its just so clunky and slow, and im not going to start with the gnasher. (Hint: remeber the dreaded 83% issue? Its back and even worse, like 17%point blank all pellets hit bad)


I got the game on Thursday, I have played 2 Ranked KOTH matches…

On all previous Gears, including J’s Domination I have played tens of thousands of KOTH games.

This is not doing it for me yet, I truly want it to, but not confident.