Why did this sponge?

The game was hard yesterday, running into 5 stacks, wonky ping, getting randomly kicked from matches and all of a sudden offline when internet is still running, etc, but I still had fun and am going to continue to play operations 2.

One thing I cannot wrap my head around is this video, I miss my first two shots pretty badly but then hit the 3rd, point blank, barrel an inch away from the face, and they sponge. I understand I missed 2 or maybe 3 pellets of my shot, but that shouldn’t stop this guy from getting absolutely bodied.

I’m looking for someone to try and explain why this shot was sponged, at the time I was running about 60-70 ms when in the last week for some reason I’ve been in the low 100s.

I also hit another shot on him after a missed shot, usually when you hit someone twice in the matter of seconds they go down, especially with a point blank, maybe I just took too long to hit him again and his health was already regenerating. Sorry for quality, just an xbox uploaded clip.