Why did this game get hate all of the sudden

Idk why this game gets all love then all the sudden gets hate i like how people are like oh the game got characters you have tk pay for yet i grinded for cog gear idk what the world has came to anyways im looking forward to op2 and i have hate towards no one this is just me asking a question


I don’t hate Gears nor TC, I’m just sad and disappointed about the current state of the game, what TC has done so far and above all the shameful approach in which they communicate with their customers.

I still think they can fix this but judging from the last what’s up they are either blind or just cannot see / experience what most players have to deal with.

Nothing happened “all of the sudden”, bugs, glitches, servers and no communication have been there since day 1.


I have same opinion. I still love this game even after all bs what it giving to us right now and I hope that everything will change soon as possible not one year later but in 1-2 months maximum



getting tired of these games coming out and glitching . Campaign mode is horrible, you get stuck one way or another standing there for what seems days for a door to open from one end or the other. got stuck in the Grand Boham Hotel after clearing it. my associate just stands there doing nothing while I run back checking if I missed something only to find the door closed and locked at the beginning. >Run back to the hotel lobby and dude just stands there. no other way out. as of late many games are released ■■■■■■■■■ done. I believe this year I quit buying games until they are completed 2 maybe 3 years after release. more than likely it won’t get fixed. they already got their money


I kinda agree with you.

However Gears has always been my favorite franchise and I’ll spend anything on it really. If it’s not a Gears game I pretty much never buy it. But this is just a game I love so I wanna get everything they release. Not all of it’s cool of course but since it’s something I loveI’m cool with it.

But again this is why I can see it both ways as far as spending money on skins and such.

I hope OP’s mother tongue isn’t English. That is all.


I don’t think it is all of a sudden. There’s just so many things wrong with the game and the lack of communication, that some people have had enough and voice their frustration accordingly.

I mean it would help if the community manager or the comms director guy engaged with people on the forums. It doesn’t look good when they don’t.

I know the forums can be a cesspit, but given they use reddit, there’s no practical difference.


I got the hate QUICKLY because its a bad game … plain and simple.

if it was a good game, with good mechanics, plenty of maps, ammo boxes everywhere on horde, increased ammo capacity then it wouldn’t get that much hate.

It got destroyed by the gears community because its not on par with the standards of the players who know and love a True GEARS game.

Daniel out.


A lot of people voiced their concerns right out of the gate, so I don’t think there’s been any sudden increase in hate. I tried to give it a shot, I still think it has some potential, but after popping Gears 4 back in my Xbox I couldn’t reconcile what they’ve done to the multiplayer in Gears 5 in any way shape or form.

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The honeymoon stage is over. Lots of passionate (very, maybe too passionate) Gears fans have realized this is it. The hope is dying. And like Jacinto, our hopes and love for the game are sinking.


The “all of a sudden” aspect is simply a consequence of time.

When something is brand new, you’re still learning it. When things seem off, it can be easily written off as “it’s still new to me”. But prolonged exposure causes the “new” feeling to wear off, and minor annoyances become repetitive, bigger annoyances. People who used to think the game was fun suddenly start to think, “Hey wait a minute. I’m not having fun.”

I’ve had issues with Gears 5 since the stress test, and unfortunately those haven’t really been addressed in any way. So I’m still waiting. But as of right now, Gears 5 isn’t what I’d hoped it would be. At least on the PvP and Horde front. Campaign was great. Escape is… something else to do.

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I mean, have you played the game ??? It’s an absolute broken mess with a disgusting MTX system. Like, you can’t be charging your players $8 for a weapon execution when the product you launched, which isn’t even free-to-play, was and still is a disaster.

I’m sorry, but The Coalition does not deserve our money for this game. They released an unfinished, broken mess, and have the AUDACITY to include a f*cking store. A bloody store in triple-A game, pathetic.

There are a lot of other reasons why people are dropping this game so quickly, but for me it’s the laughable content we had at launch, horrible MTX practices, and that disaster of a launch.

I don’t care if they fix this game and it’s perfect in a year’s time - these first few months have left such a sour taste in my mouth, it makes supporting TC unfathomable to me.


This game has been hated since the first trailer dropped for it.

Kait came off as annoying and Marcus had no beard again. There was a backlash so TC ran damage control and put the beard back in. A month before the game’s release the tech tests hit and solidified that the gameplay was bad and plagued with the same server problems.

Fans are angry because they cared. I stopped caring when TC botched the release of Gears4. They forgot simple core mechanics and elements that previous games had already refined. (to their credit some of which were finally added back over the course of 2 freaking years)

Because it’s bad man. They didn’t even try to make it good they just wanted to cash in before the new consoles come out.


Because the beta was better than launch. I had to wait 4hrs after launch as a Cali player because of connection issues.

They claimed there were no RNG lootcrates but what the hell is thr supply drop system everytime you log in? It’s a single item lootcrates style system but I guess they will keep characters out of it…but still.

The tour of duty rewards and grindy nature are absolutely disgraceful. 100 tiers and 90% garbage items including emotes that take the realism out the game, and useless, ridiculous filler items like blood sprays, marks, banners and other trash. The few decent items being character skins from campaign that should have been part of the starting roster, and a few just ok weapon skins that a few are recycled from older gears games.

The ranking system is hot stinky garbage and has driven a ton of great normally diamond ranked players away. The system rewards perfection even if you lose, and punishes those who play obj/ play agressive and may die a little more but still win, go positive KD, and still manage to lose rank pts.

The ranking system is trash, microtransactions are trash. The game is turned into fortnite with all the childish emotes, clearly TC/Microsoft is targeting a younger crowd even in a M rated game.

So much wrong with this game, and personally as a die hard fan will never play again until they fix the TOD system, and fix the absolutely broken ranking system.


I remember when MK11 dropped their first character and I thought…6.99? Seems like a lot for a characters, dozens of skins and gear and new fatalities.

Gears 5 however, 6.99 for an execution you don’t want or an emote to make your character cross their arms.

You know what… I think I’ll stick with MK11.

I’d definitely consider myself more patient and positive than most. I like this game but pretty literally everything that has been done to the game has been messed up and created more problems. It’s at least once a week that there’s server issues where you can’t even play or don’t earn progression. For a game that’s been out a month that seems a little ridiculous.

They come out with a shorter Terminator horde event and it’s bugged to not even reward skill cards. New COG gear comes out and two of his skills are bugged and don’t unlock. New pumpkinball event comes out and it doesn’t track wins correctly.

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He asked Why people hate this game so much?
My first Thought :
He must be new to this game :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: