Why did they switch 5v5 to 4v4?

Is it because solo players are complaining about finding matches? Because I am a solo player and also switched the Matchmaking to low ping matches instead of fast ones. Even then, I haven’t had trouble finding ranked matches! Not only that, but you also removed the bots from social matches. It is weird playing 4v4 n start seeing your teammates leaving the room, being 3v4, 2v4 or even 1v4.

If you guys are thinking I’m lying. I was finding matches quite easy. I even got Master rank three times in different game modes in less than a month.


Just wish they allowed squads in tdm.

Onyx is the new masters I’d say

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FFA and 2v2 Masters solo I can understand
but KOTH alone sounds aids
gj man

I guess at a certain point you find teammates similar to your skill level

yer did solo 2v2 once and the player on my team wasnt even playing?!

No. I cannot express how little interest I have in this excuse to post that image, let alone put in the effort to question your legitimacy.

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Recently when I’ve played gears 5 for a bit just to mix things up, most games start with lopsided teams and even 1v1. It’s a population problem. No one’s playing.

Tell me how can someone reach that rank if nobody is playing the game. How is that possible, then?


A lot of fans are asking for 5V5 back. Whether it happens or not is another thing?

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I mean most of the veterans are gone.

Just beating up on casuals & occasional stacks of try hards.

But the vets are leaving.

& with this ranking system I got masters in a day.

FFA is so boring for me & 2vG as well.

I like Tdm but it’s cancer now.

Masters has no meaning , everyone gets it that was a legit onyx player in operation 1 standards

This operation it’s not even worthy of showing off.


I like doing killfeeds and after they took the 5v5 it got really boring