Why did they remove text chat in versus games?


What’s the point ?

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You are aware that they turned off the text chat now for everyone, right? you just have to re-enable it.
It’s on the news page in the game itself and there were atleast two other threads asking the exact same question

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If i enbale it, will other see it ?

Well if other don’t know its off then they wont see because its off.

If they have it enabled they will
in my experience so far about half the pve players I played with had it on

If they turned it off for everyone without telling, i’m not sure a lot of people have it on, it’s just plain stupid as always.


they admitted on twitter why - to give every a nicer, safer experience…

I.e. protecting the delicate egos and sensitivities of new players they want to attract to the game from the hard reality of gears players’ toxicity…


They wont stay for long.


Nobody knows :laughing:

Those players have to get kicked now because they can’t be told to let the engineer build or share the weapons locker with the gunner.
So their delicate egos now get bruised from physical instead of verbal abuse and when they cry enough about that then we’ll have to strictly play in private lobbies with our friends and they’ll get to complain about not being able to find players.


That’s when you go make a smurf account and smash them.


Mia best girl from MonMusu

Wait what? is that true?
yooo I think I hate TC for real

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Terrible company


It’s not, they added it to the TWIG as well.

I didn’t bother re-enabling it.

It’s been really nice to not see an endless stream of trolling spanish gibberish cluttering up my screen for the entire match.

Now I need to disabled character chatter so I don’t hear the morons incessantly spamming their laugh emotes.

-laughs in casan

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I wonder if there’s a ring tone of that?


I dont even miss text chat :smile:
Yes i know that u can turned it on ( settings ) :wink:

Sometimes was fun just read those messages when one of enemy teams wannabe “god” snap , lose his nerves and just started diss his own teammates on chat . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But thats it , it’s basictly useless and it really deserve to be removed atleast on Ranked side :slightly_smiling_face:

Being honest, i think a lot of us would buy it.