Why did they remove esports team skins?

I’m curious why they removed all the esports team skins from the gears 5 store with the last update that was a long time ago. Because it was known that it was to add the content of the last seasons, and they never mentioned anything about that.

I know that many of you are not interested, because you do not like esports and everything related to them. But there were good skins that I had thought to buy and that I will not be able to get them anymore.

I am writing this post to ask you if you think that now that esports is over they will remove the entire esports section from the store? To buy the things that I lack and that I like in the esports section before they withdraw them without warning, as tc usually does.

I would love it if they brought back the skins to buy them for the last time :pleading_face::sob:

Do you have any favorite esports skins design? let me know

I’d think it’s probably because the season is over and they’re not supporting these Esports teams anymore.

Sus Gamertag OP.

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I would imagine it’s because most of those teams no longer exist.

You’re right, but I was referring more to why they removed the few remaining skins from the teams that are still participating in these last splits.

I have an idea who this vege-might be

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Probably they kept them away because the season is end and less people are playing now. We’ll see when the new season will start)

Regards, John, IT-specialist,

They’ll probably be back at some point. I’m not bothered either way at all though. They’re mostly horrible.

Regards, Kazuya, Pessimistic Scotsman.

Pessimistic until it turns to Zealous cries of simping.

Jealousy isn’t a healthy trait, lad.

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They probably won’t be back until the next gears game now that the esports scene is almost dead on 5.

Regards, Katarina, Lancer Specialist

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: thats a good way to say that.


If you want them, I would not delay in getting them.

As Esports finishes up, agreements expire and the items are removed from the store.

They are/were there to support the Esports scene, the money made from purchases went to Esports, so without that need they will go. Legally it’s not always possible to “leave them up” unfortunately.