Why did they eliminate the split screen in ranked?

I don’t understand why they did it when there are people playing split screen.

Now I see people complaining about split screen players, but why? I have been playing since gears 1 with my brothers. we are good in this game, we have never had problems with other players.

Now that gears 5 supported 3 players on one screen that was the coolest thing it could have done in gears 5, but it all fell apart with this update.
What the hell are they thinking about?
Why do they worsen the experience in the game?

And what happens when one of those 3 players quit!? Can they quit separatedly or if one of them quits then all of them must quit!? :thinking:

The problem was that 9 out of 10 times, one or both players split - screening were plain terrible. Due to the matchmaking “brilliantly” mixing diamonds with bronzes it often resulted in players complaining about them.

It was never a problem for G4 since matchmaking more often than not paired everyone on similar skill levels. Sadly matchmaking doesn’t work like that in G5.


Even on Gears 4 with similar skills, you were placed in split-screen at 30 fps. I imagine its the same for Gears 5. That is tough to play on, when you have been used to 60 fps.

Plus, the matchmaking is much more stricter because true skill assumes you are in a group, and thus puts additional skill on you. It all adds to player frustration.

I think it’s sad. Slowly watching the death of coop. Even though Gears touts itself as the king of coop.

All the points mentioned above are not wrong. Matchmaking didn’t appear to work well for it. The reduced FPS and field of view are hinderances.

Matchmaking is the biggest issue in my mind. If people want to play at 30 frames or whatever that’s their business. The rank placement should be indicative of those limitations. Not particularly worried about quitters. Too many games still have 2-3 without split screeners. My assumption would be split screeners would be less likely to quit.

By disabling split-screen in ranked they made ranked a little better, I no longer have to sigh in ranked due to a level 23 Emile, granted I no longer play ranked.