Why did they change active reload?

I don’t understand what was wrong with the gears 1/2/3 active reload. You were rewarded for having quick reactions, but the only active ammo you got was the ammo you used. Plus it’s not like you could reload for no reason.

Whereas now actives are in the middle of the bar and are slower than a grey reload and affect the whole clip. How is this better than the original system? It pissed me off in 4 aswell.

I also feel like revive dialogue should be much louder/more obvious. I can barely notice if someone needs reviving.


Also the bar wasn’t in the middle in Gears 4, I just got off of it 10ish mins ago. Granted you could be talking about something else with 4’s reload, but at least it wasn’t in the middle for no reason.

TC messed with the Active Reload system to cater for the “esports players”.


Wouldn’t be the first game series wrecked from courting the e-sports crowd. Certainly won’t be the last.


I definitely don’t think the esports players wanted a normal reload to have 3 shells instead of the 6 though in gears 5.

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That’s exactly what Ryan said,

“Adds in a higher skill gap”.

Then Ryan is lying his ■■■ off lol. There’s no way that adds a higher skill gap. Active reload should only get you extra damage. Reducing it to 3 shells on a normal reload just further proves they don’t want people to be aggressive with the gnasher. At least that’s what I think. There’s a reason why they also reduced the clip to from 8 to 6 :man_shrugging:


It’s all about “Rifle Meta”


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To stop wasting bullets.

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You have to press reload before it gets to the active meter now, not on it.

I agree though this is a ■■■■■ update, put it back as it was.

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If they change things according to esports teams… And if real change is what we want…

Guess we forming an esports team.

im rdy



Ease of access.

Makes it easier for newer players or people with not so quick reactions to make the game more welcoming to play.

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I think putting aside nostalgia active reload really does more harm than it does good. It’s basically an invisible buff that you get from a reaction speed type mini game, and that’s a buff on top of weapons usually getting buffed anyway. IMO active reload should just make your reload faster, anything else is an invisible advantage based on a mini-game that does not contribute to the skill gap in the right way.

Haven’t concluded an opinion yet on the active changes. So far I see it them wanting to make actives a power resource like introduced in 4 and shake up the muscle memory so it doesn’t feel as easy popping off reloads super easy like in previous titles.

Yes I went back and slayed some gears 4 for a bit and it took a good 15 minutes to stop fumbling my actives. Gears 5 scrambled my muscle memory.


Been a while since I actually had to watch my reload bar at times.

Oh yep.

And I feel weapon jamming is a little longer in 5. It might just feel that way though because when it happens at the wrong time… It is forever.

I can’t recall but I thought you could switch weapons in gears 4 if you fumbled a reload, like in an emergency when you don’t have time to wait

I think this was one of the most ridiculous decisions taken by TC regarding the shotty. So every other weapon can active reload and reload the entire clip in one go, regardless of whether you hit active or not, yet the gnasher can’t have a proper active and reloads only 3 shells unless you hit the active? Plus they lowered the amount of shots you can make per clip? Man, if it’s true about the “pros” wanting this, than ■■■■ esports.


Agreed. Absolute horrible change. Some developer who hates making money thought it was a good idea to cater to a niche crowd rather than the masses.

Incase you didn’t already know, allowing the full slow reload on the gnasher will give you full ammo.

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