Why did tc even nerf the mulcher mastery card on gunner?

its damage overtime and if you are using a mulcher, it isnt for damage anyways, its for the ult cooldown to spam. mulcher cant really attack long range or make units stutter as much compared to trishot headshotting. might as well just use trioshot and cryocannon lol.

just weird. class is called gunner but the mulcher is meh on him even with max card and perk.

also make the torque bow get ammo inbetween waves if you are out/low. its a precision weapon, not an explosive. no one uses it.

I’ll say that the gun certainly still melts at fairly close range, but that is perhaps the problem. It is close range. It does have great sustain time before overheating though, as well as fast cooldown time.

While the removal of Execution Rules helps, the lack of both headshot bonuses and long-range gibbing still really hampers it compared to a regular un-buffed Tri-Shot. Now, I do appreciate that as the heavy weapons class, Tri-Shot is still a viable option for Gunner, but the Mulcher does feel a bit limiting at times.

Honestly, I use them both depending on the situation. Too bad Gunner can’t carry both at once lol. I have been liking having a single level 1 or 2 locker nearby just to swap as necessary.

Its still one of gunners best options. It went from 120% to 80%. Its really not that big of a deal.

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Because TC likes to nerf everything that is fun.


It seemed unnecessary but it is still strong.

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