Why did my post get deleted

I didnt type anything wrong

Probably because it made no sense whatsoever.


Time to delete 95% of the forum, in that case.




Welp, back to Gears 5 jail now.

These dev’s are the daftest people I’ve ever seen. If I was in a stock holders meeting I’d rip them a new one. Ranked is broken as usual, gamers are dissatisfied, and bottom line…they’re losing money! I’m only playing this because of game pass - that’s it. ID NEVER PAY FOR THIS GAME!!! But, if it wasn’t broken, I’d actually spend money. And if it was t the disgrace of a game it is now, I might actually buy extras in the store. Terrible job…they may be making money, but they’re also losing A LOT too - and banning people for 2 years I read! Wow - customer appreciation there!! They do realize there this thing called gamer tags of which you can make endless supplies of - fix the game!!! Don’t ban players! I’d love to ban who ever worked on this game!!!

You play the game more than anybody here tho

There’s some punctuation errors in your post. So in a different context, yes you did type something wrong. #grammarnazi

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