Why did I just realise sires were in the gears 2 campaign?

I am playing the series again in order( from gears tactics to gears 5) and I noticed now that in the gears 2 campaign that the sires appear in niles’ lab. i just wanted to ask if the same sires that are stored in the lab in gears 2 are the same ones in gears 5?

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Yes, as Niles needed Sire DNA (in combination with human and/or Hollow creatures) to create the Locust, he took a stash of them with him on his escape to the Kadar lab

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Yea it’s cool/sad that the series has to go back to older games story. Swarm seemed to fizzle and locust is still more popular


This makes me sick to my stomach.

Why couldn’t you have just googled it instead of admitting such treachery here?!


Myrrah was a hack.

You could argue they arent the same Sires as TC initially had it that you couldnt chainsaw or retro charge them (thank the maker that changed)

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Don’t rise to it, Kaz. He doesn’t mean it.

Yes, that’s true. Well then, Mr Smarty-Pants, tell me…did you know that the Grunts in Halo 5 are in fact the same Grunts we’ve seen for 20 years?


Never played it sorry.


from what ive heard, you arent missing out :relaxed:

Spartan Buck though :sunglasses:

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Halo is as good as gears though

Halo 5s story isn’t. The rest of the game is ok-ish.

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This is true

Campaigns? Gears takes the cake. Halo 4 though is really good.

I just think the whole silent one liner thing for Chief has been done into the ground. I can only stand seeing him diving through space with a bomb for so long.

I much prefer Reach and ODST for story because I can actually relate to said characters.

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When Infinite comes out, Gears 5 will be a ghost town.

Highly doubt, barring huge game breaking bugs, that many will come back to Gears until 6 releases.

I was talking about Halo 5s MP with that statement, at least that was my experience with it. Not Gears 5.

Woh! Ghost pick up the phone and dial it back. That’s just crossing the line.


That’s not saying much considering 5s service is ending by the time infinite comes out.

And 5s overall reception by fans is negative.

TC is already accepting fate at this point and I dont blame them.

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Well…would have to agree somewhat.

Still I think the custom horde and escape lobby pages will be barren come mid November.

It’s a little sad.

I’ll be honest, while a lot of guys I’ve played with don’t play Gears as much now, the custom lobbies for horde and escape were surprisingly healthy the last few times I looked.



Yeah they usually are healthy, along with decent versus matchings (from my region anyways) but I’m sure by early next year or maybe even by December this game will definitely be dead.

I’m ok with it. I can wait a couple years for the next gears.

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