Why did I just get a UIR Elite in a Locust Sniper pack?

After 30 boxes bought with credits I saw a Legendary pop up, I got excited just to see a UIR Elite character…


On an unrelated note, 30 boxes = close to CAD$40, if I had no credits , no fracking way, TC.

I got a UIR Elite too opening 40 packs. Got the sniper
Locust right after that UIR though :smile:
My friend opened 40 packs too and got 2 UIR Elite so there is always someone with more bad luck :confused:

If you check the ‘preview’ option when you’re store, it’s said there’s UIR also.

Yeah, the preview says that…

BS… let me guess, uir is legandary, so that means now not only I have to try and get a legendary, Ihave to find the right legendary out of 3… So they dilute the pool of rng choices…

I am soooooooo done with the rng BS…

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I think their in the pack because before the UIR’s were craftable they were put into these pack. But yeah they should remove them since their craftable…

Since UIR and other series 3 characters are now craftable, this means they are added into the standard Gear pack card pool as well as being craftable via scrap

So now UIR essentially counts as a regular card and can be found in any pack.

You can read about series 3 here.

The sniper pack was released around this time last year before Series 3 was introduced, The UIR Elites were the months craft only characters

That’s because it’s a Locust Drone using UIR equipment.

…and sporting Ostrini/Pellan accents apparently.


I got the sniper after about 45 packs, 400 credits each…

Could be worse.

There’s a guy always complaining about the 180k he spent NOT to get Superstar Cole or something like it.

Lol, right… :wink:

Are you new to Gears 4? Before they started dropping Series 3 cards, there’d be a new craftable character every month, and the new packs for that month would have a small chance of containing that character. The UIR elite characters were the craftable characters for the month the Sniper Pack was released.

I just got my internet hooked up today after moving.

1st pack I got the sniper lol.

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Hahah nice! That happened to me with the Void packs. First pack I got Void Raam and never bought another one. I’m having no such luck this time though. Close to 30 packs and nothing…