Why did gold card rewards get nerfed?

There is zero good reason for this change, especially when several classes have new gold cards to grind from scratch. They didn’t even bother changing the icon, which now displays the gold card you get and a second one which is just hanging out nearby to see what’s up. This sucks! :-1:

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I still got 2 golds from completing the map on Frenzy.

That’s a relief. I guess it’s not the first time listed rewards haven’t matched actual rewards lately.

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Just finished the map as the Veteran class formerly known as Marcus and got 2 gold cards straight off the bat lol.

Can someone please help a dummy out and explain what exactly the card symbols refer to? I thought the top icons meant gold cards and the lower ones meant “any other”. But then what I actually get from finishing the challenge doesn’t seem to correlate.

The yellow icon means a guaranteed Legendary. The other drops shown as white can be of any rarity and are decided by the usual RNG, and are an addition to the base skill drops for the match completion.

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Thank you kind sir

The rewards seem to be getting slowly nerfed as the weeks go by. I know this one is probably a visual glitch but I expect the rewards to continue to be nerfed.

TC can’t have players levelling up characters and cards too quickly… You need to spends days and weeks worth of unhealthy game play to do that…


They did buff the character XP, but that reward is also bugged when completing Horde matches. Works as it should in Escape.

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Is there a randomizer on this frigging thing? I’ve seen so many different reports of what people are actually getting.

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I know this isn’t the subject but soon as I seen the 100 coins for beginner was all I could think about lol I hate that reward, the 1k CXP is a way better reward than a measly 100 coins… don’t think it should be 1k Coins either tho as that’s half what most medal groups give ya, but I’d say at least 500 would be more reasonable

In escape, the nerf is working as intended.

I suspect there’s two reasons: 1, to extend the grind in general as you noted. 2, they don’t want people to have extra gold cards when scrapping is introduced later on, so that people have to buy boost for coins. I don’t expect TC to ever come clean about any of this.

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