Why cry about gears 5 when u can still play old gears games?

See people complain about Gears 5 but people still play gears 2 and 3 on the regular. I find matches in gears 2 faster than gears 5.
Ranked guardian on gears 2 is the wave.

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People who still play Gears 2 & 3 are stuck in the past and can’t move on.

Those same people now have tribal or barb wired tattoos on their arms.


I dont think its about being stuck in the past. Its fun to go play the gears games u started on… and play on the old maps, Gears 2 had some of the best maps. I play gears 5 mainly now but still play gears 2 every once in awhile and have a great time.

Gears 3’s PvP wipes the floor squeaky clean with Gears 5’s PvP though, it’s heresy to even think about questioning that.


Because when you go play older gow games you’re on 30 (or 60) fps which makes you feel dizzy/gives you a headache. The games are way laggier, not all of them are even populated, and you lose FOV slider.


On PC with K&M!?

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Well does gears 3 have river?


Since the maps were a lot more CQC friendly than in Gears 5 for the most part that, we sometimes how forgot how atrocious the weapon balancing was in 3. So glad stopping power on rifles isn’t a thing anymore.

…no, though it was originally meant to!

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Meh, every title has had its ups and downs. Stopping power was annoying, but manageable. But I’d take Gears 3’s initial weapon tuning back any day over the weak airguns Gears 5 has. I mean just look at it’s Lancer trying to down someone DBNO. It’s embarrassing.



That’s 3s biggest flaw.

Oh and that awful yellow Jacinto.

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Meh, it beats being a Silver Surfer with a phobia of violence.

Oh and Jacinto was fantastic!

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The yellow immulsion was a little much for me. Personally. Love the idea but the execution was just… meh.

Wouldve preferred an overgrown Jacinto lol.

Haha well that’s fair enough. I’ve read worse. I’ve read people saying they prefer Gears of War 2’s Mansion over the original.


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You are right, I just deleted that crappy game and downloaded gears4 again, I cant stand playing Gears 5.

People Complain because the game isn’t as fun as the older titles. Thats really it. I agree, play the old ones or play a different game, easiest solution to the complaints.

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lots of unreleased maps for gears 3 only playable through like pc

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If Gears 3 were available on Steam, I’d never touch 5.