Why competitive tuning on 2v2?

(My opinion)
I think that putting this in the 2v2 is just “idiotic” at best, let that crap stay in the competitive area. 2v2 is a chill game mode with all the low levels not try hards but this crap will make it seem like it with the anger from the Gnasher.

Lol. I bet you would enjoy 2v2 Boomshots as well.

The Core fans got BTTE and now us “tryhard” Comp fans got 2v2 Gnashers, all good.


Too many stalemates, it is slightly difficult to push with Gnasher only on Comp Tuning.
I try firing rounds at Core distance, and it is deemed ineffective.
If I go any closer, I would take a lot of Damage if fired upon or gib.

Only get stalemates if you’re not pushing correctly, for the games I played I didn’t get one

I think this post can be summed up in one statement: gow5 NEEDS universal weapon tuning

Lol nah.

Honestly if the weapon tuning was the only thing different I wouldn’t care much (boltok is a different weapon in comp though) it’s just the movement system should 100% be the same. Core is almost so different you could release the current comp and core as two different gow games. Not only that the majority of core kids imo are awful or at the very least don’t transfer well into comp (diamonds are sweats most onyxes are meh and I feel like that’s a consequence of the core play style. ) I don’t care much what the tuning is in gow5 as long as it’s consistent. There is zero reason my movement should be different from tdm and koth to exe (and I play alt so I’m not even complaining about misrolling since I don’t they are just that different it’s very noticeable even on alt)