Why Charging for Lambent Skins is Wrong

Okay, I’m seeing thread after thread complaining about the Lambent skins without actually saying why it’s so wrong to charge real money for these skins. Here’s my take.

TC, you’ve teased these skins for like a month and unless I missed something, you never ONCE suggested they would be purchasable with real world money. Not just that, they’re ONLY purchasable with real world money. We were all under the impression it would be a new skin pack purchasable with credits like the vast majority of packs have been. There was no announcement, no indication, no tiny hint it would be otherwise.

Why is that a problem? Because you teased these for a long time, so we’ve been saving up credits and avoided using them on anything else. The Feral Horde pack (which you claim was hotly requested by us) was available for a short period of time this month and I only bought a couple because I was saving credits for the lambent pack. I would have bought more of those packs otherwise. Likewise could be said for any of the other packs released this month.

That’s the thing; if you’d announced they’d be money-only packs from the start it would have been far more acceptable (there would have been backlash still, but you absolutely should have told us).

I understand some people have been asking for a monetary option to buy skins. I’m pretty sure what we were asking for was an OPTION to buy a skin outright if we didn’t want to grind credits and take our chances with the RNG. The key word there is option. I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind wanted the free option removed and replaced. Don’t pretend any sizeable portion of us were asking for that; we weren’t.

It’s your game, you want to charge for skins? Go ahead, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it, this was absolutely the wrong way.


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