Why change to 4v4?

Gears developers who tf ask for 4v4. I don’t even wanna play versus anymore ya took the fun away especially for king of the hill. Bout to go back to Gears 4 smfd.


Faster queue times among other reasons I suspect. I don’t know. I don’t mind 4v4 myself. I actually prefer it for TDM. I haven’t played enough KOTH lately to have much of an opinion on it. The one match or two I tried I didn’t mind or notice a big difference.

Definitely far down the list of issues with this game IMO.

It’s way too casual 4v4.

Hit masters solo, without even grinding really. Didn’t need an energy drink or a pre gym pump to get me going.

Just woke up all wild hair & droopy eye balls & got masters solo.

4v4 appeases the casuals.

Is this a good thing? I don’t even know.

I just wanna play stacked on tdm for fun.

Most of the time when I stack it’s with friends who don’t really play too.


Eh, I prefer 4v4. It works way better imo and 1v1s happen way more often and that’s how I prefer it personally. Faster search times too

My search times are 2-4 minutes solo queuing.

So I’m not bought in the hooplah

From Texas too.

Can’t imagine over seas


Haven’t had that problem personally. I get matches solo in bout 30-60 seconds . I’m east coast tho


Don’t mind KOTH 4v4 actually but it would be cool to have a section consisting of 5v5 to please both sides.

Would prolly split the player base up too much tbh. We have a significantly small community compared to other triple A titles

not sure how faster queue times are a factor when you can boot up Gears 4 and still get TDM/KOTH games in the 1-3 min range. it just feels like a concerted effort to drive squads away and appease solo players.

look how many players have made posts since the squad limits and 4v4 changes were put in. it has blindsided the playerbase who don’t stay on top of the news every day prompting posts just like the OP did.

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Yeah that’s true, I guess it will always just be one or the other.

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I never had a problem with queue times. 4v4 koth really feel like tdm now smfh. They should have an option to play 5v5. Besides what other Gears game is 4v4 and who really wanted 4v4


Gears 1 was literally 4v4…

To keep the majority happy I’d just revert it to 5v5, as much as I don’t mind 4v4.

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Because 4v4 is as a Classic Versus as Classic Horde is a Classic Horde! :grin:

Seriously, TC have no idea what to do with the franchise MP. Gears 5 MP worse than Gears 4, Horde Gears 5 worse than Gears 4…and Gears 4 was F.U.B.A.R!!!

TC out of credit…they 2 options…either carry on this way and keep loosing player base? or revert back to the original trilogy MP formula (Gears 2/3) which in my opinion was the best.

Its a Shame .


That can simply be attributed to the fact that Gears 4 is a better game to a lot of players, myself included (I may go back to it again soon) They also loosened up the matchmaking parameters/requirements so that Beavis from Bolivia can happily be paired with a baboon in the savanna with 2000 ping, so that helps.

I agree when it comes to TDM, but OP seemed more concerned with KOTH, which is what I was commenting on. It doesn’t make sense that they’re trying to drive squads away from KOTH when squads are still allowed in KOTH.

I’m not trying to say they switched KOTH to 4v4 specifically to speed up queue times, but I’m speculating that it could have been a contributing factor.

Yea…gears 1. This is gears 5. 4v4 KOTH is total ■■■■■■■■.