Why change the old active reload and take our curb stomp

This was something that needed no change so many times now I go to active reload and can’t cause of a stupid cooldown why change something that was amazing I asked this as a compulsive reloader and the curb stomp I’ve been playing years a long time since the start actually and I had to part with it in judgement why did I have to in the main story line as well might as well not call it gears anymore dont take this wrong but this comes from the heart I have so much passion for Gears of War why did it slip so far away from what made it great?

Gears 5 is a “B-Movie”…they fiddled with things that are staples of the franchise and really ruined this game with bad decisions. I assume the “A” team is hard at work on Gears 6 for next gen…if not…then Gears franchise wont return to form anytime soon.

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