Why Can't Your Health Regenerate While Wallbouncing?

This makes absolutely no sense. The whole purpose of wallbouncing is to evade the opponent’s shots to make them miss. Taking out healing is removing the skill and creativity of players


I would answer this question: “Why does not your physical stamina regenerate when you run endlessly or make wall bounces?”


That has nothing to do with this post


To each his opinion. I am half in agreement with your position, it can restrain your survival instinct, I grant you; but to recharge one’s life in the fires is worse. And I contradict you with this simple question, why is there no physical endurance or stamina bar? You are already given the opportunity to run and bounce wall to infinity. That’s why I made this reflection. These two questions simply confront each other. To be debated.

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Well, if you are a skilled wallbouncer you shouldn’t get hit and be able to escape to heal up in cover then. So I don’t really get your point where the system removes the skill?

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Likely because they want wall bouncing to be a skillful technique that enables you to avoid a shot while also being able to skillfully hit your shot afterwards. They don’t want it to be a crutch that you do just to gain health back while missing shots constantly.

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There’s other factors like that guy crossing you from across the map and it’s very circumstantial to where you are wallbouncing there’s not always a place to run away to. Not only that, but it completely ruins your chances in a 1v2,3,4,or 5 situation I didn’t think I’d have to spell this out to anyone

That’s not necessary though because if that were the case the skill comes back to who is the better wallbouncer. So if you evade his shots by wallbouncing and you have the opportunity to shoot back they should wallbounce/move to counter your shots back. The “crutch” is now in the hands of your opponent never yourself.

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I get where you’re coming from but it still has a lot to do with what I said. I’m with you on the issue mostly because it’s hard enough to kill a high ping player when my health does regenerate. It’s even harder when it doesn’t because you just know you’re doing less damage per hit than they are. :pensive:

Because wall bouncing is a cheap tactic, that’s why. Be happy wall bouncing gives you an advantage over people who don’t do it.


It’s clearly so that people feel less frustrated by wallbouncers. Some players don’t like wallbouncing and haven’t found good ways to counter it. This is supposed to level the playing field.

For me, it kills some of the fun because, in Core, the weapons are so powerful that this really changes the ability to be persistently aggressive. I might get a double or triple kill, but the guy lancering in the back just keeps following my character across the map and finally downs me because I never recovered. I have seen that play out over and over in the past few days.

Extending the duration of damage while bouncing is fair, but put a cap on it so that if someone makes it half way across the map, they can start healing.

I also find that players are copping a squat behind cover a lot more now because they can’t dart around the map the same anymore. I find myself barking at teammates to keep up the pressure and I keep hearing back, “I gotta heal!”


I honestly love how the most simple and basic questions and comments can turn into mile long debate threads :joy::joy::joy:


Oh my god…

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No healthgen while wall bouncing because it’s just not realistic.

Cause Gears is so realistic, lol. :smirk:

You ever coming back and playing bud?

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You can’t healthgen in real life when wallbouncing.

Maybe, I only play sporadically now though haha

You also don’t wallbounce in real life… you may bounce of the walls but that’s a whole different issue haha.

Quake taking your time eh

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sorry wall bouncing is not a skill, a good whack stops wall bouncers every time

I wish I played the same people you do because whacking a good wall bouncer isn’t that easy…

Yeah no…I’d rather fight a wallbouncer than a corner camper, Which my chances of success are ALOT lower because I didn’t know this jerk was hiding behind a wall waiting. But wallbounce is cheap, right?