Why can't you vote to surrender in comp?

I think I know the ■■■■ answer I’d get from TC but here goes. Why should I even both trying to fight a 5 stack better than me? I’ll just be extending my suffering when I end up with sub 1k points anyways. So why not let us vote to surrender? If I semi afk in spawn you consider that “fine” because im wasting my time in the match but why not save us all a spot of bother and let us concede? I know the answer is “b-b-b-b-b-but good players would constantly win instantly” okay so 99.9% of the playerbase has to suffer because of the lack of SBMM to satisfy the needs of like 100 people at most? lol


you mean like a 5 stack pc of 4 stack on pc? yeah I get u man, it’s hard. Now that they also took the symbols out for people who are on pc, it’s even harder. Tc we literally lock this up in a minute or two (or one of their admins) so yeah I just wanna say comp is bs at this point,

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Yeah like overwatch tries to pair solos with solos/duos. Duos with solos/trios etc etc. Doesn’t always happen but it does increase your likelyhood of finding stacks based on the size of your own, even in quickplay iirc.

the fact this game has more money invested in it and overwatch is somehow way better in some areas

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The matchmaking is this way because there aren’t enough players and people were complaining about having to wait a couple minutes for a match. But, this game will never attract new players with gnasher only and the horrendous matchmaking. Plenty of games where the entire enemy team is better than the best player on my team by a huge margin.

Overwatch at least attempts to care about fair matchups.


yes, exactly. The reason there’s not enough players is because they literally changes everything in gears 5 that no one asked for. istg if they don’t improve in gears 6, I bet the game will dip below 5K players in popularity


This happens to everyone at some point or another. Get your friends together, create a group search post and find players.

No point in complaining about something that’s avoidable :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is an option but I’m just speaking in general. A game will not succeed if you have to party up to have a chance. Just bad programming

At the very least take the word competitive out of the game


Unfortunately TC can’t please everyone in every situation

Maybe said player can play FFA? lol

Hey guys im really ■■■■ at gears anyone looking to have their w/l ratio decreased? Join me.

Works erry time. Also “friends” hahahahahahahahaha if only you knew had bad things really are. Also if I go against people of that level ill just drag the team to loss. Saying “just do what they’re doing to others” isn’t really a solution

Some players don’t care about the skill level of others. Maybe QP is an option?

and there’s always room to grow skillwise in Gears

If I’m having fun I honestly don’t care about winning or losing. I just like competitive games. I’ve had some since basically starting comp weekend before op8.

When I play OW with friends I pretty much know it is a guaranteed loss unless I kill 6 every fight. THey don’t play the game enough to even know more than 1 hero. But I always have fun with friends, except warzone, that game sucks

I don’t mind losing if it was fun and tense. But if we’re getting stomped and it’s not just because my teammates are eating play dough then it’s just not fun.

Edit: @Forza_Cali I shouldn’t have to become a top 100 player in the world and learn how to abuse all the jank etc just to be able to have fun. Most players are like me who don’t want to spend hours learning how to abuse wall bouncing and insta blind shots and ■■■■ like that we just wanna play the game with other people on similar skill levels. If you’re gonna have those people then at least balance them between the teams instead.


I can take an L. I just want the games to be close skill wise and they just aren’t. Some god players on 5 and I a not consistent enough skill wise. It doesn’t help that said players are usually stacked up.

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Honestly some losses I’ve had have been way more fun than my wins because of how close/tense they were.

Just remember, the game is only as fun as you want it to be :slightly_smiling_face:

I want it to be fun but the blatent lack of SBMM really hinders that.

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Pc 4 stack, a xbox 4 stack and mixture of both 4 stack, it doesnt matter.

Vote to surrender when the matchmaking just does a bad job


maybe if they balanced out the stacks comp would be just a little bit better. like a sbmm & then a 2 stack pc and 2 stack controller on COG and then a 2 stack pc and 2 stack controller on swarm. yet, they can’t do that because of the amount of players have left the game.

Honestly I’m sure there is some variance in skill of PC players I just want the matches to be balanced regardless of platform. If I was on PC I’d use controller and I certainly wouldn’t be any better skill wise lol

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