Why can't we chainsaw Sires anymore?

Oh by the divine! :heart_eyes:

And he makes his entrance to the tune of Shawn Michaels “Sexy Boy” theme.

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This. Sites in horde were a non factor. Just rev saw. Invincible. Now they are a legit threat

This thread got out of control ! Lol!

Not gonna lie, I really do like that song.

Yup, I actually really like the new grab mechanic of the Sires, but you should be able to break out on your own and they should never send whole groups of them. Nothing is more frustrating than getting grabbed two or more times back-to-back. Jockeys in L4D2 were the same way, but they were an occasional encounter to keep you on your feet, not an enemy type thrown at you in waves.

Also agreed on the Leeches, they’re basically overpowered Tickers that are too small and fast to consistently kill at a distance, they’re quiet and attack in huge numbers, and if you’re caught off-guard while downed, they can execute you. I love the Flocks, probably the best enemy type TC has made, but individual Leeches suck balls.


Probably because they come in singles. You have an enemy that can catch you with a death grab. To balance it, make them appear in ones or twos.

Since so few of them appear at once, they are now immune to chainsawing to give them an edge, and to make them challenging.

They can be chainsawed.

Have fun doing that when you have 30 of them exploding on you at the same time.

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Probably to promote teamwork. And create tension. And to promote their new melee knife mechanic.

I found them horrendous at first but after spending quite some time on The Hunters escape hive where they were everywhere and cloaked even, one or two encounters now is a walk in the park. I find them very predictable. The only thing you do need is a decent headset and situational awareness. You don’t want one catching you by surprise. But if I see one in front of me now I can handle it.

This is all assuming I’m delivery driver Mac. Otherwise forget it. .

Being Keegan seemed to be fine with evading Sires most of the time(not wearing a headset, I once heard one off to my side not on the screen roar when it was about to go for me and just dodged it, so one is not required but it helps) or sticking to teammates so it would be easier to free each other when grabbed. Sorry to break the myth, but Delivery Driver Mac is not the universal Sire solution. Unless some deliveries can make them less grumpy.

Yeah any time I got two after me when I’m alone I’ll have them follow me over to my teammates and let them in on the fun.

To me it was obvious they just wanted to put something in the game that was pretty well impossible
to take on yourself (multiple sires coming after you). I mean I don’t mind it. If every enemy was the same and easy to deal with what a bore that would be.

Another thing sires can do even if you’re able to handle
yourself is force you into sticky situations with other enemies. That’s annoying too. You will definitely want a delivery driver Mac on your team in those cases.

Well, any Mac is useful, though probably less after the nerf to the bleed skills. Maybe there was not enough of a following or tributes to the all-seeing Delivery Driver Mac? I thought creating a meme and keeping it up in its honor was already enough…

In all seriousness though, as much as I dislike the feature characters, Emile is by far the best at killing Sires with the melee bleed. Completely outclassed Lahni on The Hunters.


Agreed about Emile. I hope they make Lahni into a more competitive player.

Keegan is my new favorite on the surge. Grenade pouch and shredder are so useful there

I remember my friends hilarious reaction on horde when one captured him. Let’s just say he thought he was being taken away for some bad things to happen…

Heaven Ascended Delivery Mac

But sires are ster-

If I’m playing horde with friends and we have a few bots there is one situation where we like the sires.

If we have a JD and he’s trying to get killed to respawn with another GL for the locker it’s kinda hard because the bots keep reviving him when we don’t want them too. Sires on the other hand, if you get grabbed and don’t struggle they will kill you pretty fast.

Blasphemer! How dare you speak such heresy against Delivery Driver Mac. He is the alpha and the omega! He died for our sins and delivered only his love to all!

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It’s a jarring and lazy change made in order to adhere to what they think is a good game mechanic. Zero in-game explanation provided.

Sires should either be bigger and slower or open to chainsawing.

If Sires are a large enough problem there is always Sarah Conner’s stopping power to slow them.

If you Kait or Emile the bleed can free you if you have enough of it.

They can’t grab you in the middle of a roll and the timing to roll into them and just take melee damage is easier than avoiding them ofcourse this doesn’t work on the higher difficulties where they deal significant chunks of damage, but IMO if you’re playing the higher difficulties you should be able to avoid them.

Plenty of options without needing to chainsaw them and I’d also like to point out that chainsawing them with enough enemies around anyway will get you killed outright instead of grabbed so that wouldn’t be a solution for a lot of scenarios anyway.

Also the AI can chainsaw them in horde seen them do it when they stunned after releasing somebody, they were also fairly low health after releasing said teammate so Health remaining might have something to do with their ability to chainsaw as well, kind of a non-issue thing IMO, but if somebody wants to try to test it there you go or even wants to see if they can chainsaw a stunned sire never actually tried that myself either for reasons above.