Why can't we chainsaw Sires anymore?

We literally chopped sires to bits in gears 2. Why can’t we do that anymore?

I think TC wanted an enemy that makes you say “Crap, don’t let it grab me!” and the sire fulfills that purpose. It just doesn’t make sense that we can’t chainsaw them anymore when we used too. They could have made a new swarm unit for that. Like something that’s above a drone but not quite a scion yet. Light enough to run but big enough to be immune to chainsaws.


Delivery Driver Mac can chainsaw sires.


It’s bad enough we can’t break free on solo runs.


Presumably because TC didn’t want sires to be a completely trivial enemy to fight like they were in GOW 2.

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Sires just want a hug. Think how lonely they must be trapped in those tubes for years.


Agreed the two enemy types I can’t stand are Sires specially if playing solo and the leeches (super f*in annoying). Sires only bother me because once they grab you it’s game over unless a teammate can get to you in time. I do find them inconsistent though like sometimes they will grab you and your teammates will have a chance at breaking it but others you’ll be grabbed and they’ll just peel off with you with no chance of being rescued.


Because they are supposed to be annoying? It adds a lot of tension, which is great. I hate Sires, but I like them!

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We used to be able to break free from pouncers but apparently not in Escape.

I don’t know truthfully OP,but I say every time they hug me,I keep saying we shouldn’t kiss on the first date.Every map,I must have the right after shave on.because they are always where I am.:slight_smile:


You can chainsaw them in campaign. Can you not in horde?

Nothing better than getting a bunch of grenadiers and sires together. Flashbang incoming! Sees 1 or 2 sires come around a corner at the same time, GG

@o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o he stole your mojo!!!

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Lol I know, his sarcasm inspired me. I stole his bit but only.in hopes to spread the word of Delivery Driver Mac!

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They count as a heavy in other modes. Which is just meh…

Delivery Driver Mac can do anything. Delivery Driver Mac can derail the Cole train if he wanted to but chooses not to as he is both humble and fair.


Sires are just BROKEN in this game!

Delivery Driver Mac loves all his disciples, he cares not for who spreads the word. I’ll let you in on a little secret, they call him Delivery Driver because he delivers love.


Hope he also delivers male strippers.


Be careful what you wish for, I’ve heard Sexy Stripper Mac is a thing


awwww!!! lolzzzz!!!

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