Why can't the Classic Squad just be craftable?

It’d be fantastic if this were possible, as not only do I not have the time to frequently visit this game, but even less so to grind for credits to get a “chance” at getting one of these characters. Could I perhaps be rewarded for my faithfulness to the Gears franchise? Since I own every last Gears game on my GT, why am I punished for not having enough free time to grind for this stuff during these events?


It can be craftable, but the Packs usually become craftable after around a year period.
Classic Delta came last November, so it might become craftable around the end of this year…
If you can’t wait that long, there’s always some chances that they bring back Classic Delta for a weekend, but not easily predictable.
You’re not being punished in any way at all, except you might have missed some opportunities when they came out, twice I think.
In November, it lasted a whole month and that was enough time.

Personally I think they should leave pack exclusive characters as that, exclusive and once gone they are gone. Don’t make them purchasable and make fans who get them feel special and have something cool. I understand why they do it its just it seems they are pandering and don’t want to upset anyone. i.e. the pre-order only skins are then made available after saying they never would.


This is a terrible idea. Packs, overall, should go away and are also what helped to kill off a large portion of the fan base this time around.

Grinding should not be an aspect of a third person cover shooter. That’s the long and short of it.

But you cant agree that giving their word and saying pre-orders will stay exclusive then breaking it was a good thing?

I agree with Coalition in that giving everyone pre-order skins long after the games release was a good thing for anyone who missed out. I pre-ordered, we had our time of a few skins being exclusive to us. It really doesn’t bother me that other people can use them now, and I think it’s great for those who want the skins but weren’t able to pick up the game at that time.

I agree but they shouldn’t have said at the start that they promise they wont release them and then do it. I’m fine with them doing it I’m not fine with them breaking promises to their fans

Aww thank you haha

Well, let me rephrase. I agree with them becoming craftable, I think that’s a good thing for the playerbase as a whole. But advertising preorder content as exclusive digital items that will never be available anywhere else for no other purpose then to deceptively reel in early sales is morally wrong. Sadly, morals seem to the the least of the dev teams worries, be it Microsoft imposing regulations or not.


Posts like these are why I miss the ability to unlock things simply through gameplay.

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I agree with that.
If there ever was gonna be a Pre-Order Kait Skin for Gears 5 as exclusive, and same stuff happens.
I wouldn’t know what to think.
But they made a valid excuse saying it was exclusive for one whole year… and get away with it.
Next time something says exclusive, it could even mean exclusive for time being.
Well, that’s something new to learn and watch out for.