Why can't jack hack Sentinels, Palace guards and Warden

You can hack sentinels and wardens in the story mode. Why it’s not possible in Horde ?

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I want to say for balance.


I’d say the wardens helmet and the sentinel as an advanced AI

Imagine you hijack DR-1 with Salvo, you can almost kill everything, but an flying Sentinel can run very fast and kill more.

Warden, I think it’s too strong if you hijack them and have explosive Hijack and they died.

Just to say it’s too Overpowered to the Explosive Hijack Card.

It could be possible if a nerf of Explosvie Hijack where the Enemy can’t died.

The change can be specific to boss/miniboss enemies(and Wardens since they spawn more often now) in Horde only. The prerequisite kind of exists in the campaign already, where Hijack with the explosive upgrade unlocked only blows stuff up when it actually dies rather than when the ability ends. But there it applies to seemingly all enemies rather than just the big ones.

Besides, who doesn’t want a Warden vs Warden punching match? If two at a time spawn in Horde now, that is.

I still hard to believe if this may come true when TC can’t even write a Completed & Clear Description on the Cards.

It’ll definitely mess up people.

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For a brief moment back in like Late OP1 - Early OP2, you could hijack Guardians with Jack in Horde. At least I think you could, I could be misremembering events from the campaign.

Was hoping to hijack a Palace Guard with either a Boom or Mace or something in the hand. I assume Palace Guards could cause too many different outcomes to test thoroughly in the time they had.

Still would love to be able to hijack all these units.

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Probably because the Palace Guard can pick up weapons. We could just wait for them to pick up a Breaker Mace, Mulcher or Boomshot and go to town in Horde . Basically you could wreck a wave with one hijacked unit and that probably goes against this balance thing everyone mentions lol.

As for Sentinals and Wardens well if we could then we could easily remove an enemy from the field by doing this which in turn makes that wave a whole lot more easier.

I would personally love to see it happen but that is my guess as to why we can’t hijack certain enemies.

I mean, we can already do this with Drone Elites and Mulchers and potentially to a lesser degree Boomshot Scions. So…

I see the point, though.

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Oh of course but I would wager a Palace Guard with a Boomshot would absolutley destroy every enemy on its own compared to an Elite Swarm Drone. Mainly because it can move much faster than scions.

I always felt like the Dr 1 salvo and tri shot are useless as a hijack

Elite claw drone, mulcher and boomshot scions do actual damage

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That DR-1 is 100% useless. It’s actually worse than the player Tri-Shot for the sake of all that is holy. The damage is complete garbage and also has dispersion like the robot is drunk. Certainly was last I tried and I doubt it’s been adjusted since.

Salvo DR-1 can at least be somewhat useful in a pinch, if nothing better is available, but its damage is also the same as that of the player Salvo. At least you got an enemy that will sponge loads of hits(except from bosses) with it and your shots don’t fly off to the moon.

The sentinels and wardens I could understand but why not palace guards? They’re not even bosses of any kind

I have played a lot of horde matches recently and I have yet to see these guys pick up weapons.

Just an oversight. I’ll fix it in a future TU.


Wait so not being able to hijack them wasn’t intentional?

Yes, I was angling the Palace Guards as a mini-boss encounter early on, and this is a remnant of that.


Hmm i didn’t consider that possibility of the palace guards being a mini boss as an afterthought.

Im fine with it but if you are going to change it could you make sure to leave their pick up ability. The Palace Guard being able to pick up any weapon is a game changer and I honestly love it.

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