Why can't Jack buy weapons?

I know I could give power to my teammates or deposit to the fabricator and hope they buy the weapon they need but on some rounds Jack being able to buy a quick scorcher or ice cannon and give it to a teammate and save your team on Matriarch rounds and being able to buy more ammo (duplicate weapons) or a trishot on rounds with a Kestral would greatly help the team, Sometimes the team can’t reach the fabricator safely so I think it would be helpful if I could help them in that way.


Can’t fault the logic on that at all. +1 from me.


That would be useful. Imagine having Portable Resupply on (so you cloak while holding something) and buying a gun for someone so you can fly it to them safely.

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I never knew it had that effect I thought it just turned you into a 1 slot weapons locker.

It’s something of a hidden effect not mentioned in the card description and to my knowledge it would seem to only work at max level(5 when it was originally discovered). Whether it’s intended or not, can’t tell.

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I know Jack has that ability which can be unlocked during story so if this is the case then the card is better than I thought.

Yes the card of Portable Resupply has the advantage of you being able to keep cloaked while picking up weapons on the battlefield.
IMHO it’s a must have if you are using the Melting Jack as it allows you to keep going out for weapons mid game, which is better than having the people on your team down the last enemy; assuming the rest of the team can hold on their own and don’t really need your Jack to constantly keep reviving them.
Makes games a little bit faster :slight_smile:

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Jack should also apply the players weapon skins to guns when he picks them up

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Wow :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:Why isn’t that listed that’s super cool

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