Why can't I quit the game when the match has ended in comp?

If the game has finished then why threaten me with a penalty saying ill lose 5k if I quit? Why do I have to wait for the ■■■■■■ results screen I don’t ever read before I can leave? Ohhhh do I have to look at some mvp’s emote so he feels like he got his money’s worth? Ohhhhh I get it now thanks.

I noticed you like to complain a lot
And now you’re crying about waiting for the scoreboard to come up??? Really??

Are those 20 seconds pure torture? Get over it bud


In case you haven’t noticed all my complaints are valid. Why waste my time when it could be used to put me into a new match?

Being valid or not comes down to personal opinion in some cases

Like waiting for the scoreboard doesn’t grind my gears but to you it does. I don’t mind facing stacks as I’ve beaten multiple plenty times
You do get a bonus for being in an uneven team along with your solo bonus

Personally I think you get in your feelings and take to the forums to rant, many of these topics have been created billions of times. It’s how the game is, don’t like it don’t play it. Simple


This is why I don’t play GoW versus as much anymore even since GoW4. The wait times between matches are excessive and then when you are in the games they have a bunch of “procedural” countdowns and displays that truly aren’t necessary.

Best I can tell you, play quickplay or another game entirely. Played CoD: MWR recently and from literally clicking the game mode to loading in and playing in a game already in progress is less than 20 seconds every time. Its amazing.

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I’ve tried to search for topics I’ve posted but most of the time I can’t find a match using keywords. Also on the solo uneven bonus I wasn’t able to see it when I won it just showed the solo bonus iirc. That being said I got more afks or semi afks than I do quitters tbh.

“It’s just how it is” but in many cases it doesn’t have to be! I know why some things happen, i.e. forcing me to crossplay and face stacks constantly. But other things don’t make sense. Such as the SBMM giving me the same opponents 3 times in a row even though it never does this when I win against a stack. At the end of the day I’m relatively new to gears pvp considering I didn’t pvp much in 3 since I was like 13 or some ■■■■ so I played horde.

Maybe being fairly new to pvp is why some things seem unfair

Usually the same issues have persisted since launch. Add me, I play with a lot people from the forums and I really don’t care if I win or lose

I had a teammate go 0-20 with 0 assists in Control so nothing will ever be worse than that

What modes do you play though? I’ve been playing guardian for the top 1k and might sweat my balls off for top 100. Also what timezone/region are you? I’m UK so if you’re American my ping will be like 100 to 150 or something depending where in America you are. Eating dinner now btw.

Mainly Control (used to be KOTH), but Guardian has been one of my favorite modes to play so I’m cool with

American - Western time, even though @grey_mineman hates where I live

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Aight ill add you but for now ill try to play some solos for that bonus. It’s 6:42pm for me btw.

The game could have glitched and given them MVP…lol

I’d drop my controller, run out the door…and keep running


I’m sorry but LA is a cesspool of misery and mean people.

You are a diamond in the rough :pleading_face:


I’m from the UK I thought New York was supposed to be like that. We have London here which is so infamously bad people have coined the term “a london welcome” from how cold, selfish and uninviting people are lol.

I cant speak on NY since I dont live there so you need a native NY person from the forums to educate you on the matter.

I’ve been to LA plenty of times and I just dont like it. I like some of the museums and history of the place but I’d never live there. Like ever.

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New Yorkers do have the reputation of being pretty cranky. Whether this is true or not I cannot say. I’ve only been a couple times and that was over 10 years ago

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this image honestly speaks to me in many ways