Why can’t the coalition keep anything exclusive?

Why can’t the coalition keep anything exclusive? Why put skins in the store that you can only get from purchasing the special edition console just for everyone to have?

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Because this was never the deal, TC stated that the skins would come to the gears store at some point.


Yeah because TC ■■■■■■■ sucks

What exactly where you expecting, TC said they would come to the store and now they are coming, its not like this was a huge shock.


Well usually when you but a limited edition console you get rewards that should be exclusive. But no the coalition can’t do a thing right. Show me when and where they said that when the game launched?

Im looking at the limited edition console but I dont see anywhere where it says you get exclusive skins, that was only the seagate hard drive, and i cant find a store page for the original hard drive store page, but it was in the fine print that the skins would come to the gears store eventually.

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When did they post that they would be available eventually? At launch?

I think it was when the hard drive launched, although it was was not out in the open and most people probably missed it.

Did the hard drive come out before or after the launch of the game?

I cant find an exact release date, but it looks like it released a week or so before the launch of the game.

It’s just frustrating to spend so much money to have something exclusive and they just give it away is my whole point. It should’ve been exclusive.

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I fail to understand why you disagree with this practice so vehemently. Does it really upset you that much that other people can buy the same thing?

Who cares.

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I agree, while I didnt get the hard drive I do feel something like this should have remained exclusive, especially since it was a time exclusive thing.

I mean it was a time excusive thing, I feel they should have kept that exclusive and done a collectors version for everyone else.

Alot of people care about exclusives, you should have seen how people reacted when TC was going to sell black phantom in the store.

If you spent 500 dollars on the console and had the exclusive content and then they just give it away fro gears coin you’d be frustrated too. People spend money and grind this game to get exclusive content so they stand out and the coalition doesn’t stand by that.


OP is right. Gears 5 holds the spot for the most cosmetics out of all the series consisting of Multi-Skins per character, Banners, Selectable Voice Lines, Emotes, Weapon Skins, Marks, Bloodsprays and Executions. It’s safe to say an immense amount of the game is Cosmetics.

The fact that TC can’t wrap their finger around people wanting exclusive content in their waterfall of cosmetics is amazing to me. Say what you want but there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a skin very few have be it reasonable for everyone to obtain

I really want the Bloodmoon Imago because I rarely see anyone with it. It’s rare and a badass skin if you ask me. I don’t think I’ve seen it return once since it was released and I’m not complaining about it either lol. I’d be more upset if they released it again and everyone had it though.


When tc decided to go against the unwritten rule of releasing beta/pre order content for free in gears4, that made a lot of ppl angry. Since then, they made sure to announce in advance that any pre order like content would be released at a later time to everyone.

This does suck, when you think you paid a lot for something exclusive then it releases for everyone, but tc have broken this rule in g4, so we all expected it (even if they didn’t announce it right away) this time around.

I personally believe if you pay more for day 1 content, you should be rewarded for your allegiance and that company shouldn’t give out that content to the ppl who couldn’t be bothered to buy pre orders, limited editions and beta unlocks (at least gears 5 beta stuff is still exclusive). It is unfair to pay top dollar, put your faith in a company early and have them release that stuff later for everyone, but if they make it clear that it will be available to everyone at some point from the start… well… I don’t think ppl should bother spending more for that content then. At that point, it’s really on the consumer for getting mad when they were informed in the beginning.

The only other stuff that got everyone mad (and rightfully so) was when TC tried to release the gears 4 exclusive unlocks in g5. That kind of stuff, the stuff that’s promised to stay exclusive forever for supporting a previous game in the series, if tc went thru with it and released those phantom black skins… that would’ve been a huge face slap. Even the fact that they announced it was happening got the community angry, which tc should’ve known better and not tried to do that. That kind of stuff def should stay exclusive, but we’re getting close to 2 years since the game released… it’s time for the limited edition content to come out, it’s been long enough of an exclusive period.

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As someone who has the set and Kait armour I’m not upset by this. I do like the skins but BP are my skin of choice 99% of the time… even though I get most sets with coins, just because!?

I would rather an exclusive character stay that way I suppose, like Adam in Gears 3 but I’m more interest in the actual game

They could do it like gears 3 where they make 2 versions of the same skin, but just colored slightly. Correct me if I’m wrong but Mechanic Baird, the version I have is the dark blue version but the pre order version has more chrome on it no?

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I really like having exclusive content. TC decided to go away from exclusivity because a lot of people complained they weren’t around so they should get a chance at the items they missed.

TC caved to the demands to try and get new players to stick around, in my opinion, but I think it’s very hypocritical for them to take away exclusives when they are running around using a character skin literally NO ONE can use unless you’re a TC employee and gloat about how cool it is no one else can have that particular skin.

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